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The Neo Station


Yes, we are still a SEGA site but the NEO GEO CD system is another black box of 2D joy. The idea behind the NEO Station is to give the internet some high quality videos of NEO GEO CD games running at regular speed so fans can figure out if the extra money for an AES version or MVS version is worth it to them personally (that said some NEO GEO CD games are brutally priced).

Truth be told I’ve gone full circle in terms of the NEO GEO hardware and I have an AES, MVS, and CD system. I even have that emulated SNK system NEO GEO GOLD. The AES pretty much languishes on its own because the games are too damn expensive. The MVS spends the majority of its time in an actual arcade cabinet so I only play it rarely but when I do it is beautiful.

The NEO GEO CD? Well, it gets pulled out every time I want quick game of Baseball Stars 2, Bust-A-Move, or a NEO SHMUP. It is slow compared to the other two systems but for me it can often get the job done. Heck, it beats the pants off the NEO GEO GOLD system.

Bayonetta 2 Demo Gameplay

With the meager number of Wii-U units out there – I decided to capture some gameplay of the demo to share with SEGA fans. I’ve played through the demo three times. On my second run I got a Gold award but not a Platinum…the capture for that run got ruined.

I definitely suggest using a Pro Controller. I also absolutely loved every second of this game so far. I own a bunch of games on Wii-U but this is the one I’ve truly been waiting to play. I love the SEGA references scattered throughout from the Sonic rings to the After Burner jets.

The gameplay is so frenetic that I am sure I missed other details. So stoked!

SEGA References are abound in Bayonetta 2 – Hooray!

Despite SEGA’s reluctance to release Bayonetta 2 without the help of Nintendo money; it seems the developers at Platinum Games have not forgotten to include several SEGA homages and references in game. Good stuff!

The video above from Eurogamer has me hyped for the sequel. I played the last game from start to finish in 18 hours…it was glorious. Eye burning glory. I can’t wait to revisit both the original and sequel on the Wii-U exclusive.

I pretty much bought a Wii-U for this game…sure Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, and Wind Waker are nice but Bayonetta hits me square in the SEGA button.

Froclicking violence with batshit insane visuals and nuanced gameplay to boot – have me salivating for the chance to play it and wear out my thumbs. It is currently scheduled to be out in October, 2014. Continue reading SEGA References are abound in Bayonetta 2 — Hooray!