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DJ Fob Fresh

sonic-dj DJ Fob Fresh is literally the heart, soul, and voice of He researches, records, and edits all of the video reviews for the site. He has been a hardcore gaming fan since the early 80s. He grew up in  the Sega Saturn era.

At the tender age of 12, he wrote a letter to Capcom demanding that they release their entire 2D catalogue on the Sega Saturn in North America. Instead Capcom sent him a catalogue (in full colour, no less) detailing all of the titles that would never reach the sunny shores of Canada. Enraged, DJ Fob Fresh made a vow that he would one day play these titles. It was on that day, SEGASHIRO was born.

He spent his university scholarships to form the foundation of this hardcore video game site. Originally the site was set to appear in early 2006, however due to an unforunate hard drive failure the entire site was lost in one night. Your support to keep Segata Sanshiro’s spirit alive is greatly appreciated and might possibly help the team get out of debt!

The Crunk-O-Saurus


If DJ Fob Fresh is the heart and soul, the Crunk-O-Saurus is the muscle. He gives the internet the fist.

A coding mastermind the Crunk-O-Saurus does all of the html fixes, the server side issues, constructs our computer hardware, and has been known to enjoy a Crunk-A-Juice or two.

He has been a part of the team since it’s intial inception – without him could not exist. He is usually player number 2.



The twisted pysche of Segashiro is an entity known as Radcrap.  No one is quite sure who Radcrap is…but rest assured “they” or “it” thinks that they are  “teh shit.” There is speculation out there that Radcrap is actually more than one person created from the bile leaked from the forums of the interwebs.

Radcrap discovers and sends the team the strange and wonderful videos that populate the music and WTF! sections.

Arby Wan Kenobi

slogolFound one day on the craggy mountainside of the K2, Arby Wan Kenobi was born a master in meat-related combat. Often referred to as “The Ham Hammer”, he is known for bacon beat downs and pastrami punch-outs.

In reality, he was born in Massachussets, USA and raised on gaming since the tender age of three. From Pong to Donkey Kong, from Sonic to Chu Chu Rocket, From Master Chief to Altered Beast, Arby’s a lover of all systems and games. He started off with a Nintendo 64 but grew more and more attached to the button-mashing action of the SEGA systems after such blood-spiking action as The Sonic The Hedgehog and Darius series’.

If you see him on the street battling Neo Zeed foot soldiers, just toss him some shurikens and be on your way.


lead (1)

Who is DarrenIndeed? It’s a question that is often asked. He grew up in the ‘Shire (The one in England, not Middle-Earth). Being English, living in the middle of nowhere in the mid-90’s means DarrenIndeed played a lot of Sega games. In fact, he grew up with them, getting a Master System at launch and playing it to death.

While he owned all the major Sega platforms, the Saturn is the one he started experimenting with games beyond platformers and Street Fighter.

Now he favours the quirkier, more unique games and rhythm action alongside his ever-growing retro collection and Sega’s strong line-up of games on all formats. Right-Right! Right Left Down! CHU! CHU! CHU!

Dr. Scottnik


This website has almost everything! Great news posts, incredible reviews and awesome staff members! But something is missing? Some Australian wit! DrScottnik is here to change that! Don’t worry, I wont use Australian slang!

I will try my best to post as often as I can! So yeah! I’m not very good at writing these bio things, but come and follow me on twitter @DrScottnik and come and visit my website, SegaHarrier.

That’s all I’ve got to say for now! cya around, or should I say, “cya later Alligator?”


Ramen Power

214073909v4_350x350_front_color-black Ramen helped to design the header and the initial colour scheme of the website. He is the former forum mod on the dead SEGASHIRO forums, so don’t piss him off because he still wields a mighty ban hammer.

He is  also responsible for editing and crafting the iconic start-up for our video reviews. He spends most of his time working on the Controllerpunch website.

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