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Yakuza Kiwami Heading West for PS4 – Digital and Retail!

It’s an early holiday miracle! SEGA has announced they are bringing an HD remake of the first Yakuza to PS4. The game will feature redone and full Japanese voice-overs from the original actors, an HD graphical overhaul (including 1080p/60fps) and additional cutscenes and more!

I am down with that. Apparently, they are also including a “Majima Anywhere” mode where the one-eyed mad man will pop out at during mundane and weird situations to randomly challenge Kazuma.

Great stuff, SEGA. Time for me to start hounding the local game stores to make sure I get a copy at launch. Why? Because a physical release is in the works! Boo-yah!

[Source: SEGA of America]

Daytona 3 – Trailer & Prototype Machine Footage!

I am currently in the process of buying all the parts to make a driving race seat for Daytona HD. Nothing made me happier than hearing the rumours that was bringing Daytona USA back to arcades -the prototype machine takes a lot of the nice design cues from the original cabinet.

Hopefully SEGA brings this home in short order! So, SEGA how about you do me a solid and make Daytona 3 Thrustmaster TX/T800 compatible for PS4 or Xbox One (with force feedback and shifter support)?

I love the arcades but my wife won’t let me buy another cabinet! Hit the jump to check out the teaser trailer: Continue reading Daytona 3 — Trailer & Prototype Machine Footage!

Yakuza Zero will Bring the 80s Home on January 24


I often walk into Ebgames (Game Stop) here in Canada and just randomly ask them to check on their computers as to when the next Yakuza game is coming out. I do this despite the fact that I get the press releases sent right to my inbox.

Why? I want them to order more than one freaking boxed copy of the game! Anyway, SEGA has finally announced that Yakuza Zero will be headed exclusively to the PS4 as boxed and digital release for early 2017 (January 24 to be exact) in the West and this includes Europe.

According to the PSN Blogs, localization producer Scott Strichart stated that: Continue reading Yakuza Zero will Bring the 80s Home on January 24

Import Gaming: Yakuza 6 Trailer

My heart pounds with excitement. No Western release information yet but with SEGA currently trending towards catering to fans – one can hope this gets some kind of boutique release.

It looks like Beat Takeshi is in this one as well (he might have been in 5, I haven’t played it yet). The action seems to take place in a variety of the locations of previous games with Hiroshima being a new focus.

It promises to be the final chapter of the saga of Kazuma Kiryu. Hit the jump for the Western subtitled trailer courtesy of CaptainEpic3 from Youtube: Continue reading Import Gaming: Yakuza 6 Trailer

Wow. SEGA is bringing a 7th Dragon title to the West

SEGA has been impressing me of late which they haven’t really done since the heyday of the Xbox 360 era (Outrun, Daytona, SEGA Rally, Vanquish, VF5, Bayonetta, etc) but that is because they are finally bringing some of the quirky Japanese titles over such as Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax and Project Diva.

Following in this que of Japanese titles, we can know include 7th Dragon III. It is not the first game in the series but it is a completely self-contained story. The games looks like it will have extensive classes, turn based action, and dating. Continue reading Wow. SEGA is bringing a 7th Dragon title to the West

SEGA of Japan Announces Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X


Wow…it is hard to believe that a game series that I started reviewing back when nobody knew who Miku was is getting a North American 3DS release in about week and has a fresh entry coming for the PS4 and PS Vita.

SEGA made the announcement recently at TGS 2015 and the handheld version appears to much farther along as it will be in demo form at the Magical Mirai 2015 event (September 4 to 6). The game sounds like it will have a concert mode as new feature. Continue reading SEGA of Japan Announces Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X

Ghost Blade Launches September 27th on Dreamcast

I think I’ve had a copy of this game for pre-ordered for years now but it is finally coming on September 27, 2015. The game features a full tate mode and will run at 480p over VGA.

The game features 5 levels with massive bosses and a 2 player mode. Players have 3 different ships to choose from The game has support for arcade sticks and VMU units. Fans of Gun Lord will be happy to know that the soundtrack is composed by Rafael Dyll.

It is nice to see a new indie game on the Dreamcast with high production values. It is also nice to have a nice new STG title as well.

[Source: Retrocollect]

Dengeki Bunko – Opening Movie Trailer

Launch day customers of Dengeki Bunko will get a free music CD included with their purchase. The game is set to release on Oct. 6, 2015 for $39.99

For the core SEGA fan, outside of featuring characters from over a dozen light novels and manga, the game will have SEGA inspired battle stages (Sonic the Hedgehog, Virtua On, Valkyria Chronicles).

The Japanese edition also included a collection of SEGA characters as well! SEGA needs its own 2D fighting game stacked with their own amazing cast of characters.

Speaking of fighters, my thumb is currently sore as I’ve been beaten repeatedly in the SFV demo 🙁

[Source: SEGA]