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Yakuza Kiwami Heading West for PS4 – Digital and Retail!

It’s an early holiday miracle! SEGA has announced they are bringing an HD remake of the first Yakuza to PS4. The game will feature redone and full Japanese voice-overs from the original actors, an HD graphical overhaul (including 1080p/60fps) and additional cutscenes and more!

I am down with that. Apparently, they are also including a “Majima Anywhere” mode where the one-eyed mad man will pop out at during mundane and weird situations to randomly challenge Kazuma.

Great stuff, SEGA. Time for me to start hounding the local game stores to make sure I get a copy at launch. Why? Because a physical release is in the works! Boo-yah!

[Source: SEGA of America]

Yakuza Zero will Bring the 80s Home on January 24


I often walk into Ebgames (Game Stop) here in Canada and just randomly ask them to check on their computers as to when the next Yakuza game is coming out. I do this despite the fact that I get the press releases sent right to my inbox.

Why? I want them to order more than one freaking boxed copy of the game! Anyway, SEGA has finally announced that Yakuza Zero will be headed exclusively to the PS4 as boxed and digital release for early 2017 (January 24 to be exact) in the West and this includes Europe.

According to the PSN Blogs, localization producer Scott Strichart stated that: Continue reading Yakuza Zero will Bring the 80s Home on January 24

Sonic Mania has “Saturn-esque retro 2D” Graphics!

sonicmaniathumb (1)

The Taxman himself has gone on record calling the graphics of Sonic Mania “Saturn-esque retro 2D” over on NeoGAF. I couldn’t be happier because I will no longer need to think what would have a really great Saturn Sonic title looked like…because his team is making it.

The team is using this style so they can focus on crafting quality levels. They will be adding CRT filters as well. Good stuff! I captured the NeoGAF forum post after the jump: Continue reading Sonic Mania has “Saturn-esque retro 2D” Graphics!

Import Gaming: Yakuza 6 Trailer

My heart pounds with excitement. No Western release information yet but with SEGA currently trending towards catering to fans – one can hope this gets some kind of boutique release.

It looks like Beat Takeshi is in this one as well (he might have been in 5, I haven’t played it yet). The action seems to take place in a variety of the locations of previous games with Hiroshima being a new focus.

It promises to be the final chapter of the saga of Kazuma Kiryu. Hit the jump for the Western subtitled trailer courtesy of CaptainEpic3 from Youtube: Continue reading Import Gaming: Yakuza 6 Trailer

Project Sonic 2017 looks like that Sonic Generations Sequel We Wanted!

Well look at this…not only do we get a retro Sonic title we get a seeming sequel to one of the best modern Sonic titles. Look at the squidgy, chubby Retro Sonic! I love it.

Interestingly, this one is coming the NX as well as the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. I wonder if it will have 3DTV support like the last one…

[Source: Sonic Youtube]

Sonic Mania Looks Like Sugar Sweet Nostalgia and the Way Forward!

As some of you may know (or not) – I am a father of a bouncing baby boy. Sonic Mania is the classic type of Sonic game that I want him to play with me. Not 3D, not Boom, not Knight, no! Classic 2D pixel loving Sonic.

If this trailer is anything to go by this looks like it will be Sonic done right. My nostalgia gland is being tickled and I love it. Why didn’t SEGA do this years ago? Whatever, at least they are doing it now.

The team looks to be right with the creator of retro engine Christian Whitehead (Reworked Sonic CD & iPhone Sonic titles) seeming to spearhead the project along with Headcannon Games (Sonic 2 iOS) and Pagodawest Games (Major Magnet). Continue reading Sonic Mania Looks Like Sugar Sweet Nostalgia and the Way Forward!

Blade Arcus from Shining EX – Pirate Misty Gameplay Trailer


Blade Arcus from Shining EX is a 2D crossover fighting game featuring characters from Sega’s Shining PSP titles that never came Westward. It features a healthy dose of Tony Taka art and is coming to the PS3 and PS4 in November 26, 2015 for Japan.

There are currently two releases scheduled – a standard edition and a special premium edition with a special case, art book, music cds, and a swimsuit calendar.

Hit the jump to check out Pirate Misty in action: Continue reading Blade Arcus from Shining EX — Pirate Misty Gameplay Trailer

Yakuza Announcement Incoming on September 15, 2015


It looks like SEGA and Nagoshi are readying another entry into the Yakuza (Ryuu Ga Gotoku) franchise that will likely be unveiled at a pre-TGS SCEJA Press Conference in Japan. Toshihiro Nagoshi has previously stated that this TGS will have lots of SEGA announcements and this would qualify as a big one.

He stated in a NicoNico Live Stream: Continue reading Yakuza Announcement Incoming on September 15, 2015