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Blade Arcus from Shining EX – Pirate Misty Gameplay Trailer


Blade Arcus from Shining EX is a 2D crossover fighting game featuring characters from Sega’s Shining PSP titles that never came Westward. It features a healthy dose of Tony Taka art and is coming to the PS3 and PS4 in November 26, 2015 for Japan.

There are currently two releases scheduled – a standard edition and a special premium edition with a special case, art book, music cds, and a swimsuit calendar.

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Dengeki Bunko – Opening Movie Trailer

Launch day customers of Dengeki Bunko will get a free music CD included with their purchase. The game is set to release on Oct. 6, 2015 for $39.99

For the core SEGA fan, outside of featuring characters from over a dozen light novels and manga, the game will have SEGA inspired battle stages (Sonic the Hedgehog, Virtua On, Valkyria Chronicles).

The Japanese edition also included a collection of SEGA characters as well! SEGA needs its own 2D fighting game stacked with their own amazing cast of characters.

Speaking of fighters, my thumb is currently sore as I’ve been beaten repeatedly in the SFV demo 🙁

[Source: SEGA]

Yakuza 5 Launches at $39.99, Pre-orders Get 15% Savings!

Yakuza 5 may not have an exact release date yet but SEGA is putting up the game for pre-order now on PS3. The game will launch at the nice price of $39.99 but if you pre-order you can get the game with a static theme for 15% off.

Futhermore, the Western edition of Yakuza 5 comes with all the post launch DLC included. Check out the developer interview in the previous post as it mentions Yakuza Zero (but completely skirts the issue).

Other than that, Nagoshi has recently made it public that he will be unveiling a new game at TGS.

[Source: SEGA/PSN]

Alpha Protocol – Still Making Headlines!

Oh, I just had to supply a link to Kotaku who just posted again about the awesomeness of Alpha Protocol. Something we knew around these parts from Day 1.

Check out this quotation from writer Phil Owen:

“It has the most hilarious RPG protagonist ever. Alpha Protocol’s dialogue wheel is tone-based, and player character Mike Thorton has three tones: super dull and matter of fact, humongous impatient asshole and smarmy piece of shit. It’s incredible. You can play it like “this is just what Mike is like” by picking the same one every time or you can use the different tones as affected spy personas, but either way this system which at first comes off as limiting turns out to be far more fun than more robust or straightforward dialogue systems in other games.”

Check out our review here and our comments here and here.

[Source: Kotaku]

Dengeki Bunko – Character Roster #1

SEGA is gearing up for the release of its manga fighting game by introducing us all to the first character/combo trailer for Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax. The game is set to release on Oct. 6, 2015 on the PS3 and Vita.

The game is being developed by Ecole and French Bread. Ecole and French Bread are veterans in developing fighting games have previously worked on the Melty Blood franchise.
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Atlus & Vinallaware Announce Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir and New Project!

Odin Sphere is a getting an HD update! It was a seriously pretty game on PS2 but now the rest of playstation family is getting the game (PS3, PS4, and Vita). The game is set for release in Japan in January of 2016.

The retitled game is now known as Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir and it adds new animations, a enhanced battle system, fresh enemies and maps. The gameplay is said to be tightened up to be faster and more fluid.

The new trailer for the new project is light on details but does seem to feature a cyberpunk/sci-fi style: Continue reading Atlus & Vinallaware Announce Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir and New Project!

Yakuza 5 Developer Interview Part 1

You know, even when SEGA seems strangely dormant there are some seriously cool titles heading our way such as Tembo, Persona titles, Total War – I feel like Yakuza 5 stands tall among them.

I can’t wait to get the conclusion to the series and hopefully get Yakuza Zero. This is the first of three developer diaries.

Why doesn’t SEGA have its own internal localization team? Regardless – I am stoked I get to play this in English.

[Source: SEGA Blogs]