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Sonic Mania has “Saturn-esque retro 2D” Graphics!

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The Taxman himself has gone on record calling the graphics of Sonic Mania “Saturn-esque retro 2D” over on NeoGAF. I couldn’t be happier because I will no longer need to think what would have a really great Saturn Sonic title looked like…because his team is making it.

The team is using this style so they can focus on crafting quality levels. They will be adding CRT filters as well. Good stuff! I captured the NeoGAF forum post after the jump: Continue reading Sonic Mania has “Saturn-esque retro 2D” Graphics!

Project Sonic 2017 looks like that Sonic Generations Sequel We Wanted!

Well look at this…not only do we get a retro Sonic title we get a seeming sequel to one of the best modern Sonic titles. Look at the squidgy, chubby Retro Sonic! I love it.

Interestingly, this one is coming the NX as well as the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. I wonder if it will have 3DTV support like the last one…

[Source: Sonic Youtube]

Sonic Mania Looks Like Sugar Sweet Nostalgia and the Way Forward!

As some of you may know (or not) – I am a father of a bouncing baby boy. Sonic Mania is the classic type of Sonic game that I want him to play with me. Not 3D, not Boom, not Knight, no! Classic 2D pixel loving Sonic.

If this trailer is anything to go by this looks like it will be Sonic done right. My nostalgia gland is being tickled and I love it. Why didn’t SEGA do this years ago? Whatever, at least they are doing it now.

The team looks to be right with the creator of retro engine Christian Whitehead (Reworked Sonic CD & iPhone Sonic titles) seeming to spearhead the project along with Headcannon Games (Sonic 2 iOS) and Pagodawest Games (Major Magnet). Continue reading Sonic Mania Looks Like Sugar Sweet Nostalgia and the Way Forward!

Shadow Gangs Dreamcast – 80s Action on Kickstarter

Shadow Team from the UK is trying to bring back the arcade action seen in classic titles such Bad Dudes and Shinobi. You know what? We need more games that bring back that classic style of action.

The gameplay looks fantastic and graphic style definitely reminds me of Bad Dudes as I was playing the arcade PCB a couple of weeks ago. I dig the background art and music Continue reading Shadow Gangs Dreamcast — 80s Action on Kickstarter

90s Arcade Racer Gameplay Trailer 3

90s Arcade Racer is shaping up nicely and it definitely channels a Daytona USA and SCUD Racer vibe (which means success).

The game is currently in development for the Wii and PC (though I hope other consoles aren’t left out) and I hope it gets force feedback support as I want to play this thing in a racing seat with a good steering wheel.

According to the developer, Pelkian13 – the game is nearly complete: Continue reading 90s Arcade Racer Gameplay Trailer 3

The Take Over Channels Streets of Rage on Steam!


I love me some Streets of Rage. I finally got around to picking up the 3D version on Part 2 on the 3DS and I was blown away by how awesome it looked and felt.

The Take Over is a game in development by Pelkin13 (The same creator behind the awesome looking 90s Racer) and is a homage to the game play style of Final Fight, Streets of Rage, and the classic beat’em ups of yore.

A few have taken to saying the game looks a little too much like Streets of Rage but Pelikan13 posted the image above to show that there has always been a artistic lineage in the design of main characters in brawlers.

Check out the teaser trailer after the jump and head over to Steam to Greenlight this project! Continue reading The Take Over Channels Streets of Rage on Steam!

Judgement of Rage – 2D Beat ’em up inspired from Capcom & SEGA Classics


I love me some beat’em ups and this awesome looking project (while doomed to fail in its current Kickstarter state – only 4 days left) is the type of project that SEGA fans should get behind – especially if it gets a second chance at crowdfunding.

It is a return to arcade style gameplay tradition and it is completely in 2D and HD. It has tremendous potential and the team needs to know that they are going in the right direction. Continue reading Judgement of Rage — 2D Beat ’em up inspired from Capcom & SEGA Classics

Streets of Rage 4 HD Trailer

Alright…this isn’t new…it is in fact 2 years old but I finally got around to getting OpenBor to play Night Slashers X and I came across this little gem of a video which features the development work of a Zhang Qiang, Allan Cylakes, Huang Wentao and Xia Ji.

It was originally be built for the PC and PSP but the team has sort of disappeared and has gone underground to continue their work…if it still is be being built. The last set of news was this video posted above in 2013. We posted about this beauty way back in 2010 but this is the first I’ve seen it in a long time.

To be honest, this is much closer to what I would love to see for a new Streets of Rage than the other 3D interpretations that have surfaced. It reminds me a bit of the work that Udon did on the remake of Super Street Fighter HD remake which preserved the hitboxes of the original game.

There is a 2010 demo floating around I am going to boot it up.

[Source: Soronline]