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Resonance of Fate Arrives on PSN


Resonance of Fate is a great RPG game by SEGA of America and Tri-Ace. I put 40 or so hours into it and have be meaning to revisit it. I think DarrenIndeed put in something close to 90 hours. The game is so nice, I think I own it twice – once on PS3 and on Xbox 360.

The characters are charming, the voice-acting is solid, and the battle system is deeper than the ocean blue.

The game has finally arrived on PSN and is $19.99. If I remember correctly this one was better on PS3 as it was lead platform. Check it out if you need to scratch an Tactical RPG itch.

[Source: SEGA]

Seven Minutes of Pure Yakuza Zero Awesomeness!

Cat Fights, rolling around on male bathroom floors, epic phone calls, and even super slot car racing – Yakuza Zero has all of this, plus bloody action and drama you love.

This is a much-watch trailer and what I’ve seen so far – it is so stunning that this game cannot be contained by only one country. Hopefully, someone at SEGA sees an opportunity here to bring this to Western PS4s and then drop the HD versions of 1&2 as PSN titles (because the actual translations have been done) followed by 3 and 4. Hopefully this can pave the way for some sort release of 5 (despite its increasing age).

Of course there is a chance that we won’t get this game at all. That is a shame. This trailer rocks!

SEGA AGES 3DS Collection is Getting Boxed in Japan


Damn the 3DS and its region locking! Look at that boxart – it is amazing!

SEGA’s and M2’s 3DS AGES titles are some of my favourite experiences on the Nintendo handheld. Galaxy Force is stunning and everyone should try it. Thinking about it – I haven’t checked in while I might need to nab Outrun!

SEGA of Japan has released a lot more of these overseas (Thunderblade and Fantasy Zone II) and now they are getting a boxed edition as well. I would love to see this come over to North America and Europe.

Currently the boxed edition doesn’t offer a discount to buying the games individually but I don’t mind as a boxed copy is worth a little bit more to me – I just hope this leaves Japan.

[Source: Siliconera]

SHMUP ALERT: Natsuki Chronicle for Xbox One

I recently have been enjoying the Turbo Duo and all of the shmups on that console but it is nice to see that the genre while super niche is still seeing releases on the latest hardware. This game is coming to the Xbox One (which is region free) and is being developed by Qute Corporation.

Qute worked on the Xbox 360 titles Eschatos and Ginga Force and Natsuki Chronicle will be a sidescrolling shooter and the team’s first effort on Xbox One. The game is set to launch in 2015.

[Source: Siliconera]

Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Adds Two Characters from Valkyria Chronicles!

Selvaria Bles will be playable in the upcoming anime fighting game from SEGA. The console version also adds fan favourite Alicia as a support character. These two classic SEGA characters join the likes of Akira and Pai who will be featured in the game as well. Akira is playable as you can see above.

The fighting game is launching for the PS3 and Vita in Japan on November 13, 2014. Import!

[Source: Siliconera]

SEGA Announces Total War: Attila for PC and Mac in 2015


SEGA has announced the next edition of the acclaimed Total War series. This time the focus is on Attila the Hun and the dying of a divided Roman Empire. The game is heading to Macs and PCs in 2015.

In some ways the series has to win back fans after a buggy launch of the last game. SEGA is inviting players to try the updated version Total War: ROME II free this weekend.

Project Lead, Janos Gaspar states: Continue reading

SHMUP ALERT: Raiden V heading to Xbox One!

Microsoft actually announced a title at TGS and it looks like they are going to try a corral that niche market again.

I am looking forward this one – but to be honest the original Raiden is still my favourite of the bunch. Why did it never get a Saturn release? Anyway, the ship model looks nice and I’m hoping that one day modern graphics will be able to beat the charm of pixel originals.

[Source: TGS]