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Saber Rider & the Star Sheriffs Kickstarter Includes Dreamcast Edition!


Hmmm…this is an interesting one. Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs is a classic anime from the 80s brought to the West by the same production team that brought over Voltron. The robotic horse seems to trigger some childhood memory of mine but I can’t tell if was from a toy or the cartoon itself.

Anyway, originally, development studio Firehazard attempted to craft a 3D shooter (like Sin & Punishment) with release date of 2011 but that game’s developmet had to be put on hold due to “major hurdles” and “problems” according to former Nintendo Europe staffer and current developer Chris Strauss.

The team has been renamed to Saber Rider Game Team and instead of a 3D shooter they have opted to go the classic 16-bit run and gun route. The team is focussing on 3DS as lead platform but Steam and Dreamcast are options right out the kickstarter gate. The team are including the Wii U, Xbox One, PS4, SNES, and PC Engine as stretch goals. The team has put in 5 years into development and is looking to launch the game in 2016 but can only move forward if the $75,000 goal can be reached. Continue reading Saber Rider & the Star Sheriffs Kickstarter Includes Dreamcast Edition!

WTF?! Somari hacks Mario into Sonic the Hedgehog


Somari was originally a bootleg Famicom cart from China that had Mario visiting the Green Hill Zone. This strange bootleg has seen its share of fans so it makes sense that Mega Drive fans would craft a 16-bit remake and hack up a fresh Somari into Sonic the Hedgehog on the Genesis.

This title looks more polished than the Famicom bootleg and while the game plays similarly to classic Sonic – the moustachioed Somari has his own move set that mimics Mario’s moves like his twirl jump. He also has a red spin dash. Continue reading WTF?! Somari hacks Mario into Sonic the Hedgehog

SEGA @ TGS2015 – New Website, ATLUS & SEGA Partner Titles

Welcome to TGS2015 SEGA

SEGA’s TGS official website for TGS is live on the web. The site will be updated over time to include videos, merchandise, and photos over the course of TGS from September 17, 2015 – September 19, 2015.

SEGA’s line up for TGS includes a variety of titles from SEGA itself but also from SEGA Partner titles and Atlus. The company will be showing off Persona 5 and Odinsphere: Leifhrasir.

For SEGA Networks the company will be showcasing a Vita title by the name of Chain Chronicle V and a iOS game by the name of Sen no Kaizoku. In terms of partner titles, SEGA will be showcasing a diverse set of offerings from Ea’s Star Wars Battlefront to Nippon Ichi’s Criminal Girls 2.

What is SEGA themselves offering officially: Continue reading SEGA @ TGS2015 — New Website, ATLUS & SEGA Partner Titles

SEGA of Japan Announces Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X


Wow…it is hard to believe that a game series that I started reviewing back when nobody knew who Miku was is getting a North American 3DS release in about week and has a fresh entry coming for the PS4 and PS Vita.

SEGA made the announcement recently at TGS 2015 and the handheld version appears to much farther along as it will be in demo form at the Magical Mirai 2015 event (September 4 to 6). The game sounds like it will have a concert mode as new feature. Continue reading SEGA of Japan Announces Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X

Phantasy Star Online 2 Gets Guilty Gear Costume DLC

Guilty Phantasy Star Gears

SEGA of Japan and Arc System Works have gotten together to create a neat collaboration where Phantasy Star Online 2 players can use costumes from Guilty Gear.

Now you can romp in your MMO in fighting gaming attire! For whatever reason, this collaboration makes me think of the Naomi/Dreamcast era of gaming but that could be because I was just tinkering with some arcade hardware.

Anyway, hit the jump to scan the gallery: Continue reading Phantasy Star Online 2 Gets Guilty Gear Costume DLC

Ghost Blade Launches September 27th on Dreamcast

I think I’ve had a copy of this game for pre-ordered for years now but it is finally coming on September 27, 2015. The game features a full tate mode and will run at 480p over VGA.

The game features 5 levels with massive bosses and a 2 player mode. Players have 3 different ships to choose from The game has support for arcade sticks and VMU units. Fans of Gun Lord will be happy to know that the soundtrack is composed by Rafael Dyll.

It is nice to see a new indie game on the Dreamcast with high production values. It is also nice to have a nice new STG title as well.

[Source: Retrocollect]

Dengeki Bunko – Opening Movie Trailer

Launch day customers of Dengeki Bunko will get a free music CD included with their purchase. The game is set to release on Oct. 6, 2015 for $39.99

For the core SEGA fan, outside of featuring characters from over a dozen light novels and manga, the game will have SEGA inspired battle stages (Sonic the Hedgehog, Virtua On, Valkyria Chronicles).

The Japanese edition also included a collection of SEGA characters as well! SEGA needs its own 2D fighting game stacked with their own amazing cast of characters.

Speaking of fighters, my thumb is currently sore as I’ve been beaten repeatedly in the SFV demo :(

[Source: SEGA]

Yakuza 5 Launches at $39.99, Pre-orders Get 15% Savings!

Yakuza 5 may not have an exact release date yet but SEGA is putting up the game for pre-order now on PS3. The game will launch at the nice price of $39.99 but if you pre-order you can get the game with a static theme for 15% off.

Futhermore, the Western edition of Yakuza 5 comes with all the post launch DLC included. Check out the developer interview in the previous post as it mentions Yakuza Zero (but completely skirts the issue).

Other than that, Nagoshi has recently made it public that he will be unveiling a new game at TGS.

[Source: SEGA/PSN]

Streets of Rage 4 HD Trailer

Alright…this isn’t new…it is in fact 2 years old but I finally got around to getting OpenBor to play Night Slashers X and I came across this little gem of a video which features the development work of a Zhang Qiang, Allan Cylakes, Huang Wentao and Xia Ji.

It was originally be built for the PC and PSP but the team has sort of disappeared and has gone underground to continue their work…if it still is be being built. The last set of news was this video posted above in 2013. We posted about this beauty way back in 2010 but this is the first I’ve seen it in a long time.

To be honest, this is much closer to what I would love to see for a new Streets of Rage than the other 3D interpretations that have surfaced. It reminds me a bit of the work that Udon did on the remake of Super Street Fighter HD remake which preserved the hitboxes of the original game.

There is a 2010 demo floating around I am going to boot it up.

[Source: Soronline]