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NOT-A-SEGA: Sunset Overdrive Bringing a Dreamcast-era vibe to Xbox One

I spotted this over on What was interesting to me is that the game is specifically bringing a SEGA blue skies, Dreamcast mentality to a modern console.

It is cool to see developers acknowledging SEGA’s unique style and now I know why this game immediately appealed to me from Day 1.

[Source: Gametrailers]

Watch Akira’s and Selevaria’s Move Sets in Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax

It is nice to see some clean footage of the game. Both Akira and Selvaria are playable characters in the PS3 and Vita version of this anime fighting game. Alicia and Pai are also in the game as support characters. The 2D art looks fantastic.

This is really makes me pine for a full 2D SEGA fighting game. Imagine Shinobi’s Joe vs. Kage or Ryo vs. Akira. Or even Streets of Rage’s Axel vs. Kazuma – could be awesome stuff!

However, for now, we should just revel in the few SEGA characters in Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax. Check out Akira’s moveset after the jump: Continue reading

Bayonetta 2 Demo Gameplay

With the meager number of Wii-U units out there – I decided to capture some gameplay of the demo to share with SEGA fans. I’ve played through the demo three times. On my second run I got a Gold award but not a Platinum…the capture for that run got ruined.

I definitely suggest using a Pro Controller. I also absolutely loved every second of this game so far. I own a bunch of games on Wii-U but this is the one I’ve truly been waiting to play. I love the SEGA references scattered throughout from the Sonic rings to the After Burner jets.

The gameplay is so frenetic that I am sure I missed other details. So stoked!

PS4 Cutscenes Running Choppy? Time to clean up that HD!


I have been playing a lot of retro games lately and have been picking up older consoles I missed such as the PC Engine. There is a joke at ‘Shiro HQ that I don’t really play the new consoles – all I do is update them, download updates or content, or fix the settings. Retro consoles are just pick up and play.

Case in point, I have been super excited for Shadow of Mordor and I popped it into my PS4. The openings cutscenes were choppy and gross while the gameplay was buttery smooth. I knew something was wrong. I assumed it must be a lack of hard drive space and that the PS4 also needed to defrag.

I checked my HD and it was really full. I had to delete several game installs ranging from Watch Dogs to Call of Duty to free up enough space – I chose games that I wouldn’t be returning to for awhile or were done with completely. After that, I restarted the PS4 and booted it into Safe Mode to rebuild the databases.

After waiting for the timer, I re-launched Shadow of Mordor and it worked perfectly. The cutscenes ran as smoothly as the gameplay. In fact, my dashboard to the console loads more smoothly now. Of course, now playtime was over and I needed to get to work – so I didn’t get to try the game a whole lot.

In the end, I realized I need to use my PS4 like my Xbox 360 – install a game, beat it, and then delete the stored game install. The HD shipped with the console is just too small!

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Hideki Kamiya’s Secret Arcade

With Bayonetta 2 just around the corner (I am so stoked) I just watched this feature on IGN. It is amazing! I love the Kamiya has a reverence of arcade games and collect boards. No wonder he was able to capture SEGA gameplay so wonderfully in the Space Harrier easter egg in the first Bayonetta.

I really wish SEGA had a some sort of service to give me access to their past arcade titles. Too many are being lost due and forgotten due to never receiving a home port. Three games off the top of my head include the Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder, Planet Harriers, and Emergency Call Ambulance.

That is just off the top of my head!

[Source: IGN]