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Drift Stage Brings Outrun-Style cornering and an 80s Vibe to PC

SEGA certainly is getting a lot of love from fans these days…’90s racer is a spiritual racing by Nicalis is coming to the Wii in February and we may also get Drift Stage on consoles down the line.

Currently the arcade inspired racer is currently heading is PC and Mac. Drift Stage hopes the bring the racing spirit of th80s and 90s on tracks ranging from city streets to coastal beaches.

According to the developer website, “[t]he game comes fully loaded with single-player modes including a character oriented career mode, circuit races, and leaderboard chasing time trials. Local split-screen and online multi-player races will also be in full swing.”

For some reason this game makes me crave Outrunners.

[Source: Drift Stage]

New Mega Drive Release: “It Came from the Desert”

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Released to emulator fans about 10 years ago, the near complete SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive edition of the Amiga’s “It came from the Desert” is seeing a limited, extended cut cartridge release in 2015.

Cinemaware writes on their website: “For the production of the cartridge, the case and the manual we are working together with WaterMelon Games, the creators of Pier Solar for the Mega Drive/Genesis. The release is planned for Summer 2015 and will be delivered world-wide.”

The extended cut has new cinemas, additional gameplay elements, and a new ending. There is no word on pricing yet but interested gamers can visit the website to sign up for information: here.

Check out after the jump for gameplay footage of the emulated version: Continue reading New Mega Drive Release: “It Came from the Desert”

Total War: ROME II – WRATH OF SPARTA‏ Campaign Expansion “Spoiler”

What’s this more Total War news coming in this week? Yup. I am sad to be mostly a console gamer because SEGA really supports the Total War franchise. Not to take away from Total War, I wish I could be writing about some…I dunno…Valkyria Chronicles III as upgrading my PC would be a legendary exercise (I’m still running CP so I guess the clock is ticking).

However, this new campaign expansion is “set in 432 BC at the outset of the Peloponnesian War” and “is the earliest period that Total War has ever attempted.” This new map comes complete with new tech-tress, new navel and battlefield units, and is razor focussed on a highly-detailed version ancient Greece (including the Greek Islands and the Ionian Coast).

Wrath of Sparta expansion for Total War will be released on December 16, 2014 and is currently priced at $15.29 CAD on STEAM.

[Source: SEGA]

Total War: Kingdom is Free-to-Play on PC, Mac, and Tablets

SEGA is really pushing the Total War brand every chance it gets and right now you can sign up for beta access of the PC Beta of Total Wars: Kingdom.

It is a free-to-play, persistent-world strategy game, where players can rule their kingdom across multiple platforms. You rule where ever you are and however you want to play. If you would like to try it out on PC, you can apply for PC Closed Beta at

The team behind Kingdom is the same as the one behind Total War Battles: SHOGUN – the last Total War for tablets.

According to SEGA, the game is “[s]et during the chaotic turn of the 10th century, the world starts to emerge from the Dark Ages divided and at war” players will find themselves engaged in multiple aspects of the war from “realm-building with large-scale tactical battles, duelling against neighboring kingdoms, and using deception, spying and outright betrayal against enemies and friends in multiplayer.

[Source: SEGA]

Total War: ATTILA- Red Horse Trailer

It looks like the latest Total War game will introduce a morale and mutiny system when dealing with your armies and forces. It seems like an interesting layer to add to the Total War template.

According to SEGA, “players will have to consider the very real risks of keeping their armies in line against mounting losses, disloyal generals and fragmented food supplies. A rogue commander can entice other wavering characters to mutiny…and amongst a variety of tactics players can employ to reduce the risk of such division, the brutal Roman practice of ‘Decimation’ (the systematic slaughtering of a tenth of an army) will restore temporary order at a high price.”

The trailer looks pretty awesome especially when the camera pans around that huge battle scene. It is nice to see SEGA supporting the PC so strongly.

[Source: SEGA]

ALIEN: Isolation’s Trauma DLC is Available for Download!


You know…I really need to play more of this game. Between updating the modern consoles and the rest of life – the only time I get to play is on holidays and sneaking in quick arcade games.

However, that is my current plight and you could totally be ready for the second of five DLC “survivor” packs for Alien Isolation. The latest addition has players in the role of Dr. Lingard – a medical officer who is questioning herself with a guilty conscience after bringing the Alien aboard. According to SEGA, in Trauma DLC, “players can enter three new Survivor Mode maps” and as the the doctor as “she sets out to destroy her data and do what she can to help those survivors in need of medical attention.”

The three new Survivor Mode maps come equipped with global leaderboards and are entitled: ‘Reoperation’, ‘Crawl Space’ and ‘Overrun.’

‘Trauma’ is available to download on the respective online marketplaces for all available platforms. It is currently priced at $7.99/€6.99/£5.59.

Yakuza 5 will be available exclusive to PlayStation 3 via PlayStation Network in 2015


SEGA and Playstation were so moved by the support for Yakuza 5 on Playstation’s #BuildingTheList that the game is finally coming West in the upcoming year. The game will be released digitally.

Here is what Nagoshi had to say:

“After receiving so many requests from fans of the series, we have decided to bring Yakuza 5 to the US and Europe. This title was enjoyed by over one million gamers in Japan. I’m looking forward to seeing how Yakuza 5 will be received by the gamers in the U.S. and Europe.”

Meanwhile the producer, Masayoshi Yokoyama, had this to say:

“Yakuza 5 is the largest and most definitive version of the Yakuza series. The game is filled with depictions of the Japanese way of life, culture, trends, social issues and dreams. You will play as 5 different main characters with a range of different ages, genders and professions and experience their challenges through a variety of character focused, in-depth stories. I hope you can immerse yourself in our rendition of modern time Japan.”

I am going to begin to reserve some hard drive space. Hopefully the sales do well enough that we can get the next edition on PS4. Let’s make it happen people!

[Source: SEGA]