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New Mega Drive Homebrew: Doroppu!

Indie Developer Repixel8 is planning a series of homebrew titles for the Genesis and Mega Drive. The first game is tile matching puzzler entitled Doroppu.

“Doroppu is a brand new indie homebrew game for the Sega Genesis / Megadrive. It is a tile matching game with influences taken from Puyo Puyo and Puzzle Bobble to create a unique new experience. Doroppu can be played by 1 player, or 2 players in split screen vs mode.”

Sounds good to me though I do want to call the game “Drop You!” instead of “Doroppu.” The game features 1 Megabit POWER!

Currently Doroppu has a ROM release and there will a limited cartridge run in the future. You can grab the title: here.

Cheers to all developers still supporting SEGA consoles.

[Source: Repixel8]

Dragon Force II English Translation Released!

This should be near and dear to a lot of Saturn fans – Dragon Force is a fan favourite but the trilogy only saw one English release. The PS2 saw a update of the first title on the SEGA AGES label but it never left Japan. Fans have set forth to make things right and now Dragon Force II is playable in English.

The story picks up a mere 500 years after the original game and focuses on several monarchs who unite to battle a looming evil. The game is filled with tactical, large scale battles. Check out all those sprites!

Now the SEGA Saturn does have CD copy protection so you will need to mod up your unit to play a CDR. For everything else check out Verve Fanworks for the instructions, limitations, and details behind the patching process. To the team that made this happen – I give them a meaningful nod and deep resounding “Thank You.”

Once again SEGA fans prove they can do what SEGA won’t.

[Source: RetroCollect]

Stella Glow Anime Trailer

Stella Glow looks like it will be a turn based, grid movement SRPG featuring SD characters. It looks like it could be fun if it ever comes to the West.

If I wanted to be hyper critical I would say that it has a generic main lead character and a random assortment of scantily clad lolicons – one of which has a box over her head. Marvelous.

But let’s pretend it isn’t super late at night where negativity roams and say that I hope that this Imageepoch title does find some way to creep over the border. Hell, if a game called Bravely Default can why can’t Stella Glow?

[Source: SEGA of Japan]

New 3DS Gets a SEGA themes in Japan!

I don’t know about you but my 3DS and now “NEW 3DS” is essentially some kind of off-brand SEGA player for all of the M2 3D titles. You know what would go real nice with those games…SEGA themes!

Up above is the Dreamcast theme which features authentic sounds and VMU bleeps. The music has been lifted from the Japanese Dream Passport. It is sexy stuff and each theme cost 200 yen and yes the Saturn theme is awesome.

Hit the jump to check out the other SEGA themes. Continue reading New 3DS Gets a SEGA themes in Japan!