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A New Dreamcast RPG? Meet Elysian Shadows

It is 2014 and there is a Dreamcast RPG on the horizon…life is sweet.

Watermelon’s Magical Game Factory will be publishing the Dreamcast version of Elysian Shadow – a 2D action RPG with dynamic lighting and shadows, alternating 2D/3D perspectives, positional audio and platforming mechanics. Whew, technology!

Watermelon is the team behind Pier Solar HD and the upcoming and mysterious Project Y and Project N. The team creating Elysian Shadows is looking to release their toolkit to aid creators in developing Dreamcast games. It is modeled after Unity and designed for beginners.

The game is currently raising funds on Kickstarter – and our very own DarrenIndeed has pledged his hard earned money for a copy. There are about two weeks left in the kickstarter and it has already raised 100k.

[Source: Kickstarter]

Ubusana heading to PS4 via M2 and Radiant Silvergun Creator Hiroshi Iuchi

If you are a fan of Radiant Silvergun on the Saturn and Ikaruga on DC this is a reason to get stoked! The PS4 will be host to a new shooter from the former Treasure creator Hiroshi Iuchi – who is responsible for the titles specified above.

According to the translation on his blog, he is working with the team at M2 to polish prototypes and work out game systems. The game is still a while off but it is looking like it will be a digital release on Sony’s current gen box. Continue reading

Why Do I Suddenly Want Night Trap on a Nintendo System?

night trap wii u

Back in the days of the 16-bit console wars, Nintendo played the part of the nanny state while SEGA was wild and brazenly mature.

These were the days when blood codes could only be found on the SEGA hardware and CEO’s named Howard Lincoln pledged to never release Night Trap on a Nintendo platform.

Oh, how times have changed. We can force Lincoln to eat his words as Night Trap could appear on the Wii-U through the power of kickstarter.

The Night Trap kickstarter has a great piece of history written from the viewpoint of the guys who started Digital Pictures accounting how they got thrown under the bus by Nintendo and ended up on the SEGA CD instead of a Nintendo platform. It is a great retrospective on the early era of game violence before the ESRB.

Here is a juicy pull quotation: Continue reading

Alien: Isolation CG “Improvise” Trailer – Gamescom 2014

I was playing the PT demo the other day and before I became aggravated with staring at the damn clock and phone – I was sweating bullets…I can’t wait to see the amount of water weight I will lose playing SEGA’s Alien’s Isolation.

This trailer doesn’t really show any gameplay but – damn if it doesn’t set the mood! I may have to stream this one live but put the camera feed on my girlfriend who is sure to have the best scared reactions. She’ll kick and scream for sure.

Pre-ordering nets you the “Nostromo Edition” which gives you access the Dark Horse graphic novel and the Crew Expendable DLC which features the original Alien actors. It got it’s own little trailer here: Continue reading

Alien: Isolation Announced for Xbox One, PS4, PS3, and Xbox 360

I’ve been patiently awaiting a new SEGA game for my next-gen now current gen consoles (Xbox One and PS4) – so I’m am stoked for this survival horror entry.

Here is what has me excited – and yes, I bought the collector’s of Colional Marines…so I know to be cautious after that buggy 5 hour mess:

  1. Single Player Focus – None of that multiplayer crap to muck up a good story.
  2. Built inhouse at SEGA – Seeing that SEGA owns Creative Assemebly we can safely assume that the funds for Aliens won’t be diverted to fund Borderlands 3.
  3. CRT not LCD! – Look at the screens…lots of details that fit the universe and not fight against the 80s style.

Check out the developer diary after the jump: Continue reading

How the F*!K is Mutant League Football Not Funded on Kickstarter?

I gotta say…this has me stumped SEGA fans –  I absolutely adore my Genesis copy of Mutant League Hockey…and I can only see more of that happening if Mutant League Football is rekindled. In fact, I’m pretty sure Michael Mendheim would love to do it. Both Mutant League games routinely appear on the “Best of” Genesis lists.

Something about those mid-90s sports titles are so special. Kind of like how the best thing about NHL 13 is the ’94 Anniversary mode.

I always thought of the Mutant League titles as sports games for non-sports game fans. They were bloody and silly and fun. Better yet they always had a much longer shelf life than one year (in fact, I may boot MLH right now).

The game needs a lot of support to get funded but there is an Xbox 360 port planned. The team is asking for $750,000 to make it work. Let’s make it happen…for the love of hockey!

Check out more info about the Mutant League titles: here.

[Source: Kickstarter]

Let’s dance with GO DANCE!

Have you ever wanted to play a dancing game similar to Ubisoft’s, Just Dance series while on the go? Well now you can for only $1.99, with Sega’s GO DANCE! for iOS.

This recently released dancing game published by Sega uses your iDevice’s camera to track your dance moves similar to the Xbox Kinnect. GO DANCE! boasts an array of pop and hip hop music, of which you’ve probably never heard of before!

Will this genre of games become popular on iOS now due to GO DANCE! ‘s release? Only time will tell.

So, are you planning on buying this app anytime in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

[Taken from my article on Sega Addicts]

Play 16-bit Sega games in your browser!

ssega site

In the mood to play some classic 16-bit Sega games, but don’t want to download a emulator. Well you’re in luck! has a flash version of every single Genesis game to play for free. Unfortunately You can only play these games with a keyboard and not a Genesis USB controller or any controller for that matter. Also, as this is run using Flash, you will not be able to run these games on a IOS device, though it is possible to run it on a Android device.

So, will you be playing Sega games on this website now, or do you prefer to play them on your good old fashioned Sega Genesis?

[Source: IntoMobile]

Home Grown Talent – Introducing the…Blast Processors!


You know what Toronto totally needed? A SEGA inspired blend of synth, punk, and butt rock from the future! Yeah, you heard me – this is mega drive rock. Who exactly are the Blast Processors? Check this out:

“The Blast Processors are a SEGA Video Game Cover Band based in Toronto, Canada. They claim to have traveled from the Year 2101 AD where a terrible war, precipitated by the console wars of the 1990’s, has ravaged mankind. Having missed their time modulation by some decades, they resolved to rock.”

I won’t lie, I totally want them to play my next birthday party. Check out the full 4-track EP here: The entire set is only $3 and frankly – the world needs more of this type of SEGA love. SEGATA SANSHIRO would approve.

My favourites tracks are entitled: “For Family Slain” and “Casualties of War” but I got say the Robonik song is kind of boss! Let’s support our SEGA brothers from the future.

[Source: Blast Processors Band Camp]