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Sacred Line Genesis & Mega Drive Trailer

Sacred Line is a text based horror title for the SEGA Genesis. Players take control of a detective named Ellen who is summoned to strange forest outpost. The game features multiple endings.

Sacred Line is homebrew retro remake/demake of a free PC game of the same name.

According the RetroCollect, the games has a “thrilling story” and uses “pre-rendered backdrops of various creepy locations” with “combat scenes similar to that of the much loved Fighting Fantasy books.”

Currently a cartridge copy of the game with a full color manual is US$39 on Magical Game Factory with free international shipping. This edition does not include a case but the paper slips are provided. The game works with any PAL or NTSC Sega Genesis / Mega Drive.

[Source: Magical Game Factory]

Toejam & Earl: Back in Action on Kickstarter

Up above is some very early prototype and development footage of the independently created Toejam & Earl: Back in Action.

The game looks to mix 2D and 3D in a pleasing way and to bring a lot of fresh funk to the series. Currently the kickstarter is about 59% funded and has over 4000 backers and 19 days to go. The goal of the team is to at least raise US$400 000 dollars to produce a PC version.

And if you are wondering – there isn’t a console port announced yet but it is in the teams plans to happen eventually, stating: “[w]e absolutely plan to put this on as many consoles as we can. Hopefully all of them.” However, the team is most concerned with creating a polished PC project: “[i]t’s understandable that everyone wants the game on their specific platform as soon as possible. This is an indie project though. TJ & E fans have waited a long time for a new TJ & E game. I want to make sure we deliver a game that will be worthy of that wait.”

I never really played a lot of Toejam and Earl back in the Genesis days and I may need to give them a spin. The best looking tier to me includes a branded mug at $40.

[Source: Kickstarter]

Project Y Looks Stunning and Brings Beat’em Ups Back to the Mega Drive!

You need a new Genesis/Mega Drive title. Trust me…I’m serious. I just saw this trailer early in the week over at ultra gaming store Super 1up Games and my eyes have been happily burning ever since. Watermelon has crafted some huge 2D sprites, tons of parallax, and kicking soundtrack it what seems to be a homage to Streets of Rage.

I am stoked. The team at Watermelon Games promises that the game will release “soon.” I know that they’ve gotten an order of cartridges as my Genesis copy of Pier Solar finally shipped. I will be all over this game when it launches.

Check out the trailer and enjoy! Also check out the Magical Game Factory site for copies of Pier Solar and Sasha Darko’s text adventure Sacred Line.

Source: [Watermelon Games]

Around the Web: Tom Kalinske on SEGA’s 20 Years of Mistakes

Tom Kalinske Shiro

Former SEGA USA head spoke up to to discuss SEGA’s past decisions, the brand’s strength, and Nintendo’s lack of a mobile strategy.

It is a neat read where Kalinske discusses that there was a almost a co-joined SEGA-SONY platform 20 years ago but SEGA HQ in Japan dismissed the joint venture.

While that may have been cool…I love the Saturn and Dreamcast even if the industry likes to see these fertile fields of digital creativity be the whipping boys for video game doom.

Despite SEGA is relocating in America…one can hope that a combination of smart acquisitions (PC and Persona) and a refocus on quality titles will hopefully lead SEGA out of an “atari-like” extinction. Smart decisions like releasing Valkyria Chronicles on PC and working with the PS4 and Sony can prove to be helpful in launching the brand beyond mobile doldrums. That – and bring Yakuza Zero westward.

Check it out: here.



SEGA is bringing another Japanese title to the West in the crazy anime brawler entitled Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax. The game will be available digitally on PSN this Summer for PS3 and Vita. No word on price yet.

Between this a Yakuza 5 – SEGA is looking to really stress my PS3 hard drive. Better digital than not at all, I say! Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax is developed by French Bread and Ecole. Good stuff! I may still import a copy from Japan, though.

Anyone else thinking that SEGA needs their own online distribution service? I would love a digital box that game me access to all SEGA’s arcade titles.

[Source: SEGA]

“Rent-A-Hero” on Mega Drive Gets a Completed English Fan Translation!


Fans of video games are awesome…Paul Jensen, RedComet and NikeDC have worked a release a rom hack that translates the Yu Suzuki produced Mega Drive RPG into English!

The history to this title is very strange as it was originally built for the Mega Drive but never released to Western audiences. The DC version was a remake of sorts and had a nearly completed English translation before being cancelled and left unreleased.

The original game is wacky and features a 2D fighting game battle system. The story begins when the main characters receives a battle suit while attempting to order takeout. ABSURD! Awesome. I will need to get Crunk to patch this up for me to play! Find out all the info you need to get it up and running: here.

[Source: Hardcore Gamer]