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Game Gear’s Sonic Labyrinth is Heading to Japan’s 3DS Virtual Console

This one is debatable as the “worst” Sonic title ever – but it’s coming to Japan’s 3DS Virtual Console! Set in an isometric view, you guide Sonic as you solve puzzles and collect keys to complete stages.

“There are four Zones in the game, with three Acts each. It’ll go up on the Nintendo eShop on May 16th for 300 yen.”

At least the music is decent. In the meantime, I can’t wait for all those other Game Gear titles that SEGA has hinted at releasing!

[Source: SEGA]

Dr. Ferdinand Social Returns from the Game Gear to the 3DS!

Vampire: Master of Darkness was SEGA’s attempt to bring Castlevania-style goodness to the Game Gear – or rather to any SEGA system – prior to Konami bringing Castlevania: Bloodlines to the Mega Drive.

Legend has it that it is pretty solid game. The name of lead character is stunning – Dr Ferdinand Social – it is like the name of your favourite indie band, a punk chiptune group, or a hipster band you can actually stomach. Nothing but win.

I’m stoked by SEGA mining the depths of back catalogue of Game Gear and not just the bringing titles that rhyme with tonic. According to PEGI, Vampire: Master of Darkness will be re-released on 3DS as aVirtual Console download.

[Source: Siliconera]

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed Trailer…It Looks AMAZING!

SEGA and Sumo Digital is getting a stack of cash behind it and is getting new characters (Vyse), fresh levels (one based on Panzer Dragoon), and transforming karts (boo-yah) – and face it, the last All-Star title had me completely forget Mario Kart exists.

I’m excited. Sumo Studio has even added ex-Bizarre talent – folks who worked on classics like Project Gotham Racing and the extremely underrated Blur.

There are 27 characters in total and two newbies include Vyse from Skies of Arcadia and Gilius Thunderhead from Golden Axe. Sumo Digital’s Gareth Wilson told Eurogamer: Continue reading Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed Trailer…It Looks AMAZING!

Project X Zone is the SEGA/Namco/Capcom Crossover Title!

It is pretty much as I thought it was the new 3DS title that mashes up characters from SEGA’s roster with those of Namco and Capcom is an SRPG.

So what does this mean? It means that while Japan is getting it later this year but we might never get it. Adding further fire to the pontential of the West not recieving the title is the fact that the character roster includes Kurt and Riela from Valkyria Chronicles III and other characters from Sakura Wars.

The full character roster (barring any secret characters) is as follows: Continue reading Project X Zone is the SEGA/Namco/Capcom Crossover Title!

Game Gear RPG’s Defender of Oasis and Shining Force: Sword of Hajya Heading to 3DS?

Somebody at SEGA is listening – we absolutely loved the Game Gear titles on 3DS (one of those strange cases where it is better than playing it on the original console) but we had demands for future titles – namely Shining Force.

The Australian Classification board has outed that both Shining Force: Sword of Hajya and Defenders of Oasis are coming. While it isn’t official yet – just makes sense that it will be on the 3DS eshop. Continue reading Game Gear RPG’s Defender of Oasis and Shining Force: Sword of Hajya Heading to 3DS?

Make Babies and Shoot Robots with Gamestop’s Buy Binary Domain and Get Alpha Protocol for Free Sale!

Like sweet SEGA deals and live in the US? Gamestop has a promotion where you can get both Alpha Protocol and Binary Domain for the price of admission to the Yakuza’s team latest ($59.99)

Both of theses titles are highly under-rated in the mainstream gaming press. For all its flaws and glitches, Alpha Protocol is incredibly engrossing – and it helps that you can make your agent be a super jerk (in a hilarious way).

Binary Domain is solid code and a fast paced adventure. You have always wanted a “Terminator-style” game like this! Our review is still incoming (I’ve been under the weather and shooting zombies in Yakuza Dead Souls has me procrastinating a bit).

If you are a Canadian Gamer, Ebgames/Gamestop is offering Mario and Sonic at the London Olympic Games on the Wii or the 3DS for $29.99 in our funny coloured money.

[Thanks: Dave]

Game Gear on 3DS Virtual Console Overview

SEGA just released this week the first set of Game Gear games on the 3DS Virtual Console. This really a great way to play SEGA's back catalogue of portable titles as the play experience is better than on the original console.  The tiered price points are nice and I hope SEGA releases a lot more titles like Shining Force and Panzer Dragoon Mini.

Sonic Triple Trouble - $4.99
Shinobi - $3.99
Dragon Crystal - $2.99

Check out the Overview video up above that describes a bit of the history of the Game Gear and shows off Sonic Triple Trouble running on the system with the various featuers (please excuse the poor playing it is hard to play the 3DS and capture footage at the same time). I am quite impressed with SEGA's effort with these portable titles.

After the jump, we have footage pulled off-screen from the same game running the Game Gear. We also have footage from Shinobi on the 3DS and on the Game Gear - the difference is quite astonishing:

Continue reading Game Gear on 3DS Virtual Console Overview

Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure Demo Released in Europe

Rhythm Thief is hitting Europe earlier than North America as it is arriving on April 5th in stores and currently the demo is out on the 3DS as well overseas.  The game has already launched in Japan.

We have some quick and dirty off-screen footage of the demo game being played – if you care to see  the game in action! Due to the awkward way Darren is playing to get the capture done…he isn’t getting his typical “E” rating. He did however mention that it felt a lot like Space Channel 5.

Project Mirai Enters Japans Top Ten Sales List at Number 2, the Miku Cafe Looks Awesome!

Miku on the 3DS has gotten to a great start in its first week of sales! According to the Media Create figures, Project Mirai sold 86,676 units. It was only beaten by One Piece Pirate Musou – which is currently the best-selling One Piece game to date.

The next SEGA game on the list was Mario & Sonic at the London Olympics for the DS at number 6 and it has sold 66,741 units.

Getting back to Miku, SEGA of Japan and Crypton Future Media have taken over a cafe in Japan to celebrate the launch of the game. The footage above shows off the cute coffeehouse (with some leek meals) and if you want to know more about each item – check out the blog: here.

If you are wondering about the song – it is Clover Club! I thought it fit.

[Source: SEGA of Japan]