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SEGA 3D Classics Return with Gunstar Heroes, Streets of Rage 2, & Sonic 2


One of the best reasons to own a 3DS is the awesome Mega Drive/Genesis and Arcade ports that have been coming to handheld with stunning 3D and ultra smooth framerates.

The next set of titles has been announced for the Summer and Sonic 2, Streets of Rage 2, and Gunstar Heroes are all heading to the Nintendo Eshop. For the record my copy of Gunstar Heroes is sitting in my Genesis on my desk right now. SO GOOD. Double dip? Yes, sir!

The list of requests is cueing up on the SEGA Blogs – and I want more arcade titles like Golden Axe Revenge of Death Adder, Outrunners, and Power Drift. I also wouldn’t mind some Model 2 stuff. The release date list looks like this:

1. 3D Fantasy Zone II – April 16, 2015
2. 3D Thunder Blade – May 14, 2015
3. Streets of Rage 2 – July 2015
4. Gunstar Heroes – August 2015
5. Sonic 2 – September 2015

All the games will retail individually for a MSRP $5.99/€4.99/£4.49 and will be available for download in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS.

[Source: SEGA]

Stella Glow Anime Trailer

Stella Glow looks like it will be a turn based, grid movement SRPG featuring SD characters. It looks like it could be fun if it ever comes to the West.

If I wanted to be hyper critical I would say that it has a generic main lead character and a random assortment of scantily clad lolicons – one of which has a box over her head. Marvelous.

But let’s pretend it isn’t super late at night where negativity roams and say that I hope that this Imageepoch title does find some way to creep over the border. Hell, if a game called Bravely Default can why can’t Stella Glow?

[Source: SEGA of Japan]

New 3DS Gets a SEGA themes in Japan!

I don’t know about you but my 3DS and now “NEW 3DS” is essentially some kind of off-brand SEGA player for all of the M2 3D titles. You know what would go real nice with those games…SEGA themes!

Up above is the Dreamcast theme which features authentic sounds and VMU bleeps. The music has been lifted from the Japanese Dream Passport. It is sexy stuff and each theme cost 200 yen and yes the Saturn theme is awesome.

Hit the jump to check out the other SEGA themes. Continue reading New 3DS Gets a SEGA themes in Japan!

SEGA Brings More 3D Classics to the 3DS!


SEGA has decided to be super awesome the last couple of weeks by not only announcing Valkyria Chronicles on PC but now they are bringing Outrun, After Burner II, Fantasy Zone I/II, and Thunderblade to the 3DS in 3D form!

Not only are these releases being built from the core arcade experiences, they feature a level of recreation that that defies expectations – SEGA states: “Not only does each title deliver a full-fledged vintage arcade experience, recreating the environment down to the mechanical sounds of the arcade machines themselves, but it also adds to the original experience with new modes, options, and original musical tracks.”

I can’t wait to pick up all of them…I wonder if SEGA will ever release a boxed edition to get me to double dip.

Also, it is about time we get a proper edition of Thunderblade. Each title will be on sale for $5.99. The release schedule is yet to be determined but the first release will After Burner II.

SEGA…work with M2 to release some sort of arcade classics machine that give me everything from System 16 through the SEGA NU and beyond!

[Source: SEGA]

SEGA AGES 3DS Collection is Getting Boxed in Japan


Damn the 3DS and its region locking! Look at that boxart – it is amazing!

SEGA’s and M2’s 3DS AGES titles are some of my favourite experiences on the Nintendo handheld. Galaxy Force is stunning and everyone should try it. Thinking about it – I haven’t checked in while I might need to nab Outrun!

SEGA of Japan has released a lot more of these overseas (Thunderblade and Fantasy Zone II) and now they are getting a boxed edition as well. I would love to see this come over to North America and Europe.

Currently the boxed edition doesn’t offer a discount to buying the games individually but I don’t mind as a boxed copy is worth a little bit more to me – I just hope this leaves Japan.

[Source: Siliconera]

Hatsune Miku Project Mira Remix is launching in 2015

Yeah, okay I know this old but when I was last posting regularly I was the only person posting video reviews in English on Project Diva Dreamy theater! See where that got us? Now only if it worked for Yakuza and Valkyria Chronicles…

Anyhoo…Project Mirai Remix (working title) will bring Mini-Miku to the 3DS in three dimensions stereoscopically with AR card support. What does this mean? Mini-Miku will dance on your desk! Hooray. Hopefully, SEGA will combine the two Japanese releases in the West giving us a full double dose of songs to tap too.

If you have yet to watch the video above it’s like razor sharp skittles being tossed at your eyeballs. It is also the start up to Project Mirai 2. So many pretty colors!

[Source: Kickstarter]

Game On 2.0 Ontario Science Centre – A Playable Slice of History


Happy Easter! Over the weekend, I managed to get out to the Game On 2.0 Exhibit being held at the Ontario Science Center. The exhibition is a hands-on exploration of the history of video games from the earliest incarnations to some of the latest titles. If you are a retro gamer, it is definitely a spot to check out. The exhibition began its life in London – so our UK audience is probably well versed with the event.

The exhibition runs from March 9 to September 2, 2013. The price of admission is free with the admission to the Science Center ($22). There is typically a 20 to 30 minute wait to enter as the goal is to be able to get some playing time and not have the gaming zone over capacity.The games are full featured and the arcade titles are set to free play. Just don’t expect to hear the amazing soundtracks in the games has a lot of the titles have the volume turned way down.

If you are a SEGA fan (which is why you are probably here) there are some amazing pieces of history to witness. Hit the jump to see some of the items that made the event worth checking out:  Continue reading Game On 2.0 Ontario Science Centre — A Playable Slice of History

Pre-Order Project X Zone Now


Yes, I’m back, and I promise to post much more regularly! But you don’t care about me, do you? You care about this game. That’s why you are reading this piece of news.

If you were not aware, the Capcom, Sega, Namco, crossover game is coming to Europe, America and Australia later this year! If you are the type who likes to pre-order things then guess what?! You can pre-order Project X zone right now for $39.99 on GameStop in America, $68 on EBGames in Australia, and, err…. I have yet to find a game store where you can pre-order this in England, So you will have to wait a bit longer if you want to Pre-Order this at GAME.

So, tell us. Will you pre-order this game, or will you wait for the prices to go down?