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Yakuza Kiwami Heading West for PS4 – Digital and Retail!

It’s an early holiday miracle! SEGA has announced they are bringing an HD remake of the first Yakuza to PS4. The game will feature redone and full Japanese voice-overs from the original actors, an HD graphical overhaul (including 1080p/60fps) and additional cutscenes and more!

I am down with that. Apparently, they are also including a “Majima Anywhere” mode where the one-eyed mad man will pop out at during mundane and weird situations to randomly challenge Kazuma.

Great stuff, SEGA. Time for me to start hounding the local game stores to make sure I get a copy at launch. Why? Because a physical release is in the works! Boo-yah!

[Source: SEGA of America]

Daytona 3 – Trailer & Prototype Machine Footage!

I am currently in the process of buying all the parts to make a driving race seat for Daytona HD. Nothing made me happier than hearing the rumours that was bringing Daytona USA back to arcades -the prototype machine takes a lot of the nice design cues from the original cabinet.

Hopefully SEGA brings this home in short order! So, SEGA how about you do me a solid and make Daytona 3 Thrustmaster TX/T800 compatible for PS4 or Xbox One (with force feedback and shifter support)?

I love the arcades but my wife won’t let me buy another cabinet! Hit the jump to check out the teaser trailer: Continue reading Daytona 3 — Trailer & Prototype Machine Footage!

Yakuza Zero will Bring the 80s Home on January 24


I often walk into Ebgames (Game Stop) here in Canada and just randomly ask them to check on their computers as to when the next Yakuza game is coming out. I do this despite the fact that I get the press releases sent right to my inbox.

Why? I want them to order more than one freaking boxed copy of the game! Anyway, SEGA has finally announced that Yakuza Zero will be headed exclusively to the PS4 as boxed and digital release for early 2017 (January 24 to be exact) in the West and this includes Europe.

According to the PSN Blogs, localization producer Scott Strichart stated that: Continue reading Yakuza Zero will Bring the 80s Home on January 24

Sonic Mania has “Saturn-esque retro 2D” Graphics!

sonicmaniathumb (1)

The Taxman himself has gone on record calling the graphics of Sonic Mania “Saturn-esque retro 2D” over on NeoGAF. I couldn’t be happier because I will no longer need to think what would have a really great Saturn Sonic title looked like…because his team is making it.

The team is using this style so they can focus on crafting quality levels. They will be adding CRT filters as well. Good stuff! I captured the NeoGAF forum post after the jump: Continue reading Sonic Mania has “Saturn-esque retro 2D” Graphics!

Retro Round up: Swabby Shmup, Ecco DC II, Cave Story, Wind & Water

retro roundup

I’ve been thinking a lot about Outrun and how it is one of the best racing games ever. I would love to one day own an Outrun 2 SP cabinet. I really hope that SEGA revisits the series soon in its more modern form and doesn’t leave a quality AM2 developed home port with force feedback support in Japan (like it did during the PS2 era).

I get the sense a lot of fans would love to get their hands on this game again as the PC version isn’t on STEAM and the HD version on PS3 and Xbox 360 disappeared when SEGA lost the Ferrari license.

But none of that has to do with this round up, I’ve been just thinking about Outrun. Anyway, there have been a lot of neat happenings in the SEGA universe. Here is round-up of things I spotted on the interwebs that were pretty cool: Continue reading Retro Round up: Swabby Shmup, Ecco DC II, Cave Story, Wind & Water

Import Gaming: Yakuza 6 Trailer

My heart pounds with excitement. No Western release information yet but with SEGA currently trending towards catering to fans – one can hope this gets some kind of boutique release.

It looks like Beat Takeshi is in this one as well (he might have been in 5, I haven’t played it yet). The action seems to take place in a variety of the locations of previous games with Hiroshima being a new focus.

It promises to be the final chapter of the saga of Kazuma Kiryu. Hit the jump for the Western subtitled trailer courtesy of CaptainEpic3 from Youtube: Continue reading Import Gaming: Yakuza 6 Trailer

Project Sonic 2017 looks like that Sonic Generations Sequel We Wanted!

Well look at this…not only do we get a retro Sonic title we get a seeming sequel to one of the best modern Sonic titles. Look at the squidgy, chubby Retro Sonic! I love it.

Interestingly, this one is coming the NX as well as the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. I wonder if it will have 3DTV support like the last one…

[Source: Sonic Youtube]

7th Dragon III Code: VFD Out Now

Uhhhh…I have this lovely title sitting on my desk as I type this out. It has been on there for the last 3 days…the trials of parenting and time management :/ It is still sealed and I haven’t smelt the ink of the art book.

Even worse, I’ve had Yakuza 5 since launch and haven’t had a chance to play a minute of it.

Anyway, the game has been reviewing very well on all major sites and I was quite happy to see SEGA bring this one over. Check out the trailer! Continue reading 7th Dragon III Code: VFD Out Now