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Bayonetta on Xbox One is not the way to play this game

After playing around 30 minutes of Bayonetta via backwards compatibility, I’m afraid to say it’s definitely not a good experience. The game frequently dropped to around 15fps, sometimes lower. The game remains playable (sort of) as the in-game action actually slows down when the frame rate drops too low rather than skipping loads of frames, but it is absolutely awful to play.

If you need your Bayonetta fix, stick to the Xbox 360 and Wii U versions of this classic.

Phantasy Star II, Sonic & Knuckles Available On Xbox One


Hey everyone!

I know you don’t hear from us much now, but have an update! Joining other SEGA gems from the Xbox 360 available to play on the Xbox One such as Jet Set Radio, most of the Sonic Mega Drive-era games and the Sega Vintage series, we now have Phantasy Star II and Sonic & Knuckles (finishing out that list of Mega Drive-era Sonic games available on 360).

The tweet by Major Nelson announcing this is here. I happened to stumble across them in my installable games section and thought it was Christmas.