Shinobi’s Joe Musashi rides in Sonic & SEGA Allstars Racing Transformed!

SEGA fans look to be getting a real treat with Sumo Digital’s update on the kart racing action of Sonic & SEGA Allstars Racing! The team recently announced Shinobi’s Joe Musashi as a part of the cast:

“[I]t appears that both developer and publisher recognise that comparisons are inevitable and so have delved deeper into the SEGA annals in order to promote the ‘All-Stars’ moniker more heavily this time around; thus further differentiating the title from Mario’s single-brand identity…the addition of Shinobi’s Joe Musashi, who drives a transforming land, sea and air vehicle that looks as though it’s been borrowed from Batman, complete with black paint job, angular body work and stealth-dampened sound effects.”

So about delving deep enough to get Segata Sanshiro?! Anyway, the team also announced a level from Golden Axe and one from Jet Set Radio. The team has decided to craft more intricate levels than before and theme around the classic titles. SEGA senior producer Gwilym Hughes stated: “This time around, every track is a different IP, as opposed to the last game where we had three tracks for each zone…what we’ve tried to do is have the levels get thematically darker as they get harder. Golden Axe is toward the end and has some nasty bits in it and we intend that the tracks be grouped by difficulty and theme.”

[Source: IGN]

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