Talking to ATLUS – Valkyria Chronicles III, Dragon’s Crown, and Grand Knights History

I visited a recent Playstation event in Canada to check out the very cool indie game scene in Toronto and Montreal. Sony and the PSN Blog team were kind enough to give gamers a chance to check a range of Canadian made titles such as Papo & Yo and Retro City Rampage (coincidentally, my two favorite games at the show).

However, Atlus was also in attendance showing off their new Game of Thrones title and naturally, the only things I can think to ask them about is Dragon’s Crown and…well…Valkyria Chronicles III.

I learned that Atlus doesn’t currently have a plan to do cross-platform pricing for Dragon’s Crown for fans wanting to double dip on the title on PS3 and PSVita. Also, they don’t currently have a plan for Grand Knights History because Vanillaware is tapped out until 2013 on Dragon’s Crown.

I couldn’t help but to ask if Atlus has heard the internet rumble of fans wishing, hoping that Atlus could somehow pick up Valkyria Chronicles III and release it in the West. Funny enough, at first the Atlus representative seemed incredulous as to why SEGA wouldn’t be releasing a property with so much recognition and critical praise.

He said he hadn’t seen too many people asking for the title on their forums unlike Grand Knights History. I replied that SEGA’s forums certainly had fans calling for the title and he shrugged and said he’d take a look. Lastly, he looked at me and said that it could just be that SEGA rather not have anyone else make money from their IP other than themselves. Maybe fans should start hitting up XSEED, ATLUS, and/or NIS to see if they can’t bargain out something with SEGA of Japan.

Anyone else about ready to Kickstarter the localisation for this one? SEGA remaster this one and release it on the Vita or PS3 in HD.

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  1. XSEED already sent the Gallian Liberation Front (for those who do not know, we are a group of dedicated VC fans wishing to promote the awareness of VC3 , as well as increasing the chance it is brought to the west) a message regarding their stance on the localization of VC3. They were turned down, however, we will not give up the fight!

  2. Not too many people asking about Valkryia Chronicles III on Atlus’ forums? That couldn’t be less true.

    Try double the amount of people asking about Grand Knights History. Let’s see if we can make it triple. Make a free account, and tell Atlus to keeping asking SEGA for VCIII. The more people speak up and tell these publishers what they want, the hotter the property will seem to SEGA. More brand awareness = higher chance we get our game.

  3. Hey! Yup we are a part of Gallian Liberation Front. Thanks for the heads up on XSEED.

  4. Hey,

    Gerard…again that is what the Atlus rep said to me. I knew it to be untrue.

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