Hell Yeah! A Mix of Drill Dozer and Metroidvania Spread Across Hell’s Internet

Glowing reports are coming out of PAX East for SEGA’s and Arkedo’s Hell Yeah! However, trying to piece together how this game plays is a bit interesting. 1up Games stated that the mechanics seem to draw from Drill Dozer on the GBA and that the team said it was an inspirational starting point:

“Hell Yeah!’s first impression hitting me with a tease of Sonic the Hedgehog, that sensation quickly faded as the game grew more and more reminiscent of another, far more obscure game: Game Freak’s Drill Dozer, the vibrating puzzle action game the arrived to little notice in the waning days of the Game Boy Advance…When I mentioned the similarity to Guermonprez [Producer], he nodded eagerly and one-upped me by admitting that Drill Dozer was the starting point of the entire game.”

Sounds pretty good right? The game iterating and expanding upon a lost gem but than I read Kotaku’s description: 

“Hell Yeah is a Metroidvania, which means it’s a 2D exploration-and-killing game that encourages you to explore, find or buy upgrades for your character, backtrack and explore and kill some more. This is a comedy Metroidvania. I don’t think we’ve had many of those.”

Well, I’m stoked. I was worried that the game would look too much like a flash game but seeing in motion has alleviated that fear somewhat. Now, I just need to get to PAX next year so I can see this time of thing for myself (and share it with all of you).

The game is set to launch in the Summer on XBLA, PSN and Steam.

[Source: Kotaku/1UP]

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