Randy Pitchford Shares Details on Aliens: Colonial Marines

PSN Blog writer Sid Shuman spoke to Randy Pitchford about the recently delayed but intriguing Aliens: Colionial Marines title. The delay is in order to help Gearbox complete their “labor of love” and to avoid compromising the development team’s vision.

The Gearbox CEO went on to say that the player’s experience will be gritty and realistic within the confines of the universe:

“I would say that the player’s experience for Aliens: Colonial Marines will tend closer to the gritty realism side. I say that because sometimes the gameplay footage we use for marketing will tend to focus more on the action — which is definitely in there — but you can’t really feel difficulty and challenge as well when you’re trying to promote and market the game using promotional footage.”

I am most excited about the prospect of 4 player co-op through the storyline (I’ve been hooked on the Syndicate demo for the same reason) but Pitchford has gone record stating that the multiplayer is a significant aspect of the title: 

“Multiplayer is a big deal for us. It’s getting a huge amount of attention. I think we’ll be looking for some opportunities very soon to get some people outside of our studios, including some journalists, to have a chance to preview the multiplayer game and play a bit of it. We’re really looking forward to testing it against other eyes and getting some feedback from that, so it shouldn’t be too long before we make that happen.”

I am glad SEGA is not forcing this one out the door too quickly. The buzz is positive and if the game can land in the upper echelon of reviewed titles this year, the sales could be fantastic. Also, the game is loosely linked to Prometheus as will go inside the Derelict on LV-426.

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[Source: PSN Blogs]

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