Around the Web: Radiant Silvergun Love!

I’ve been tracking the response on Radiant Silvergun the last couple of days to see how stellar but old school shooter is being received by modern reviewers – and so far it is good! Even IGN likes it (though their footage doesn’t show a whole lot of the game).

This makes me happy as the original was available to so few. Check out the review and write-up on Eurogamer as well. Nice reads.

I’ve put about 6 hours into the title and it much less forgiving than the original Saturn game. In that one, you earned continues in Story Mode. However, I am a much better player thanks to this version. I’ve opted to use one of the Street Fighter pad as that feels more like the Saturn version and all the weapons are nicely available.

I can’t wait until I get more spare time to put into the Treasure classic!

6 thoughts on “Around the Web: Radiant Silvergun Love!”

  1. why why this game its not in the psn its not fair i am a fan to the heart of radiant silvergun and i always loved it and now a lot of people that doesnt know the game can play it and dont aprriciated

  2. i agree with you on the unforgiving but making you a better player… treasure seems to have a knack of making it worth your while to get through the learning curve… i guess it’s just that well balanced, but i look forward to playing it again and again, and i seem to be getting further and further on one credit… but the extra earned credits allow me to see further into the game (it’s been a while since i’ve played the original so it’s as if its brand new!)…

  3. @ 60Hz Exactly!

    @teirusu It is a crying shame…but it isn’t SEGA’s doing…Microsoft Game Studios published this one. They must have have picked off Treasure to do it and keep it exclusive.

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