Black Panther Sequel & Yakuza 5 Incoming!

We stand in unity for these titles to be released in the West!

Famitsu unveiled some pretty awesome announcements! First of all, Toshihiro Nagoshi has formed a new studio called the “Ryu ga Gotoku Studio.” Better yet the magazine also revealed two brand-spanking new Yakuza games:

“The first game from the studio is a sequel to PSP spinoff Yakuza Black Panther. In development for PSP, the , the use of continues to decline compared to previous years. sequel is titled, in Japanese, Kurohyou 2 Ryu ga Gotoku. It retains the basic gameplay systems of its predecessor. The game will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show. A release is set for Spring 2012. Finally, the magazine reveals that Yakuza 5 is in development.

I love hearing about all these announcements – now I just need confirmation that we will see these games as well as Of the End and Black Panther in the West! I am shocked that the PSP sequel is not hitting the Vita!


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