SEGASHIRO UNPLUGGED – Episode 1 – Virtua Fighter, Aliens, and Sonic!

Clocking in at just under 15 minutes...this first episode of SEGASHIRO UNPLUGGED covers the most recent Sonic news, looks at the Aliens trailer, and discusses Virtua Fighter Final Showdown. Interwoven is other assorted randomness and wankery  - Sewer Shark, anyone?

Enjoy it -  but let it load in full before you sit down  to watch with a cup of your favorite beverage! Mind the echo...we will fix that for the next episode (hopefully). The animations however will always be wonky.

7 thoughts on “SEGASHIRO UNPLUGGED – Episode 1 – Virtua Fighter, Aliens, and Sonic!”

  1. Good show guys, but the sound quality is awful. Looking forward to the next episode. Congrats from Bulgaria.

  2. Thanks…yeah I’m not sure why Kinect recorded it that way. Maybe one of us had the Kinect mic on so it was doubling up on the sound.

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