Need Japanese PSN Points in a Pinch? Try Japan Codes!

Setting up a Japanese PSN account is easy however purchasing items on the service without a Japanese credit card is a very trying process. Generally, it can be expensive and the turn around time can seem to take forever.

However, the last two times I’ve needed PSN points in a pinch (Project Diva DLC isn’t going to buy itself) I have used Japan Codes. Now, I may be lucky but the turn around for receiving my points was significantly less than the 24 hour turn-around time stated on the site (this may have to do with the time difference). [UPDATE] Apparently now they have an instant demand feature…DAMN! Boo-yah!

Their prices are competitive ($16.49 for 1000 yen) and they email the code for the points to you via email. Better yet, you can use your Paypal account so you don’t need to send or use credit card numbers. They also do iTune cards and Xbox Live points.

It is a great little service and I just thought I should share with other import gamers. Check out the service: here.

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