Sturmwind for Dreamcast Delayed Until Late Fall

The awesome folks at Red Spot Games had to drop an unfortunate announcement earlier in the week. The upcoming 2D shooter for the Dreamcast entitled “Sturmwind” by developers Duranik will delayed until Fall as the game undergoes tweaks, fixes,  and polish:

“Thanks to the massive feedback from the original announcement trailer, the weapon system will be revised to the demand of the public. Also, the beta tests turn out to be bigger and more important than expected because of the feedback gained from the testers as well. Both will increase the quality of the game…And it would be a shame if these well-done details won‘t get the final polish it deserves in the final product.”

I love that another title is heading to the Dreamcast…when the dream lives  on…I can wait an extra couple of months for a better game! Read the full release: here.


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