Kojima Just Doesn’t Have Time to Do a Snatcher Sequel!

Kojima has been recognizing the cult classic of Snatcher quite a bit recently from showing off drafts of the game plan, developing Sdatcher with Suda 51 (buy his goddamn game, people!) and talking about the title to PSN blogs.

When asked during an interview, Kojima acknowledged that he just doesn’t have the time to do a follow-up to the title:

“I would love to do something like Snatcher but I do not have the time or the means to do so. But if anyone else would like to develop it, I would love it.”

The trick is that before any one does anything new with the series they need to remake it for a portable or give it an HD splash with Move/Kinect support. I don’t mean re-do the graphics…I mean get someone like UDON to re-draw them like Street Fighter 2 HD Remix.

I hope Monkey Paw games is listening! At least the game is open and being talked about!

[Source: PSN Blogs]


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