Happy Birthday Sonic!

Right now a whole lot of people are celebrating Sonic’s 20th Anniversary in a number of different ways! SEGA have a demo of Sonic Generations up on Xbox Live and PSN in Europe (maybe America too, not sure?). First of all ¬†would very strongly urge you to get it downloading right now because you are going to want to play it. It ROCKS. Feel free to post your fastest times in the comments!

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Twitter has exploded with praise and reminiscing over Sonic. If you want to join in/help get the tags trending higher, the relevant hashtags in use are #Sonic #Sonic20th and #HappyBirthdaySonic. Also Sonic Generations has been trending on it’s own! Go talk with others about your memories! Again, feel free to post it all in our comments too, we would love to hear more about our readers.

Selected Gamestation and GAME stores in the UK are giving away free Sonic Generations posters too! As well as this, the Oxford Street GAME are having a birthday event today, tomorrow and Saturday running between 12pm and 7pm. Apparently word from those who have already been for today’s event is that there are freebies, and guess who has turned up!

To top it all off, of course on Saturday the madness gets turned up to 11 with Summer of Sonic 2011! We are going to be talking about this event a lot over the coming weeks. Yuji Naka, Takashi Iizuka, Jun Senoue, Julien-K, Wrecks Factor, Never Mind the Buzzbombers, Shadow Girl, Cosplay competition, playable Sonic Generations (hopefully with more to play than the current demo on XBL/PSN), chilli dogs, and LOADS of merch. And that isn’t even everything! It is going to be, as the kids say, off the hook.

And yes, you read that right. THE Shadow Girl will be performing at Summer of Sonic! There will of course be video for those who cannot attend!

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