Not-A-SEGA: Deathsmiles 2X Coming to Games On Demand and LA Noire is Solid!

In case you missed it, you won’t have to go online to your favorite import shop to get the sequel to Deathsmiles. Cave is looking to locally release the title themselves via the Xbox Live Games on Demand service. The expected price is $29.99 and I hope this leads to more of Cave’s titles seeing release this way.

The game will not be localized but since it is a shooter you can probably manage. You can purchase Vanquish and Deathsmiles 2X while sitting on your arse. Great stuff!

Other than that, LA Noire is rock solid. I’m not talking in terms of reviews of I’ve read. I’m already on the Vice missions and while the game definitely has pattern to it – it is great stuff.  A nice cross-section of classic adventure style gameplay, gunplay, and solid open world mechanics through a guided storyline.

I think it is one of my favorites from Rockstar yet!


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  1. DeathSmiles IIX is brilliant, I have never played a shmup for three hours straight before today and I never thought I would. I was never a fan of shmups until I tried out some of CAVE’s games. Great stuff!

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