Mario AS Sonic T-shirt Rocks!

Okay…there are some many ways to take this one…perhaps Mario secretly envies Sonic and needs to wear his quills (Sounds a bit like Silence of the Lambs’ Buffalo Bill but to be honest – I never really could trust a man with a mustache).

Or maybe Mario always was Sonic and he is just going to fast that we amoxil 500 dosage never noticed (but that still doesn’t explain the green eyes). Or maybe it is a wicked t-shirt from RipT!

Yup, that last one is correct. RipT is offering one of those 24 hour T-shirts sales that features Mario clad as the much cooler Sonic the Hedgehog. The price of admission is $10 US.

While I love the idea of a limited edition shirt I get a bit miffed when I miss out on the likes of the retro gaming shirt showcased: here.

[Source: RipT via  Kotaku]

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