Mario AS Sonic T-shirt Rocks!

Okay…there are some many ways to take this one…perhaps Mario secretly envies Sonic and needs to wear his quills (Sounds a bit like Silence of the Lambs’ Buffalo Bill but to be honest – I never really could trust a man with a mustache).

Or maybe Mario always was Sonic and he is just going to fast that we never noticed (but that still doesn’t explain the green eyes). Or maybe it is a wicked t-shirt from RipT!

Yup, that last one is correct. RipT is offering one of those 24 hour T-shirts sales that features Mario clad as the much cooler Sonic the Hedgehog. The price of admission is $10 US.

While I love the idea of a limited edition shirt I get a bit miffed when I miss out on the likes of the retro gaming shirt showcased: here.

[Source: RipT via  Kotaku]

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