The podcast crew kick off 2011 right – Mayan prophecies, super heroes powered by illegal substances, future predictions, gaming resolutions and even the return of  Shadow Girl all are a part of the show! The episode clocks in at a rollicking 1:10!

Be sure to send in pictures of your SEGA SWAG/GAME Collection for a chance to win and MEGADRIVE Keychain! They are so cute. Check out the review: here. Send your pictures to segashiro[@] Get those pictures in for Jan 30, 2011!

Feel free to let us know your gaming resolutions in the comments. Hit the jump for the full episode breakdown:

0:00 – 8:10 – Typing with Fists, Snow Flame, and What We Are Playing!

8:11 – 13:18  – Resolutions for the NEW YEAR!

13:19 – 15:40 – Resonance of Fate OST – Battle the Devil

15:45 – 27:25 – SEGA Predictions for 2011

27:25 – 31:35 – Shadow Girl – Shake Like You Did on Dance Planet!

31:38– 43:15 – Yakuza, Valkyria Chronicles Anime, Browser Games, State of Japan, PSP Hacks

43:20 –  43:25 – Galaxy Force Interlude


46:01 – 50:26 – Shadow Girl – Chaos Control!

50:30 – 106:25 – Future of Controllers- Kinect, Motion, Rumble, and Buttons

106:25 – 1:10.04 – The Prophecy of the SEGA MEGA BOT!


7 thoughts on “SEGASHIRO PODCAST #8 – WELCOME TO 2011!”

  1. I resolve to try and find more questionable content, sexy cosplay girls, and WTF posts for 2011!

    On the gaming side of things…I will figure out how to try out Gal Gun!

  2. Is there a deadline to send the pictures? I have a ton of stuff, but I won’t have access to a camera until this weekend.

  3. I am that guy, Sharky. And for your information…

    Slaps cost between $5-$30, depending on what you slap 😉

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