SEGASHIRO PODCAST #7 – SONIC 4 Post-Mortem Edition!

Why no talk of Sonic? WHHHAT?! Another edition of the podcast that discusses the beast that is Sonic 4 but now post release of the title – the crew breaks down their experiences and talk about all facets of the game from the gameplay to the animations.

This episode features Sonic Remixes, News, and Listener Mail…it also may or may not contain information about Shadow Girl. The episode clocks in at 1 hour and 2 minutes.

0:00 – 6:52 – Intros, Sonic 4 review banter, Live Demo

6:53 – 8:02 – Splash Hill Zone Remix by dummeh

8:03 – 18:55 – Sonic Discussion continued: Difficulty level, Control Issues, Animations

18:55 – 24:03 – Crush 40 “Open Your Heart”

24:03 – 37:00 – More Sonic 4!

37:00 – 38:35 – Sonic 4 Splash Hill Orchestral Remix

38:35 –  47:00 – SEGA News – Crazy Taxi, Virtual On Force, Yakuza, Vanquish Launch

47:00 -48:41 – Vanquish Gorgie Dance

48:42 – 102:10 – Community News – Listener Mail on…you guessed it SONIC!


5 thoughts on “SEGASHIRO PODCAST #7 – SONIC 4 Post-Mortem Edition!”

  1. Good show, we should DEFINITELY never record a show the way we recorded this one though. I knew as we were doing it that it was going to take you forever to edit.

  2. Yeah, but part of the time taken up by work. I really want to get a stack of reviews done, too – but life keeps stealing my down time.

    I guess I’ll have to wait until X-mas break to go retro and catch up on the portables. Otherwise, the episode sound quality is the best it’s ever been!

  3. Good podcast. I think you convinced me to purchase Sonic 4: EP1 when I get the cash. I’m not a fan of it’s flaws but I think it’ll be easier for me to look past them now.

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