SEGASHIRO PODCAST #6 – SONIC 4 Pre-Party Edition!

The next edition of the podcast is here already! We pulled out all the stops to share our excitement for Sonic 4! Keep in mind that the podcast was recorded on Sunday prior to the Monday release of the Wii version. Currently, DJ Fob is battling the last boss of the game and is trying to score Chaos emeralds (check out the video above to see Sonic’s Idle animation – unfortunately, there is no “I’m outta here moment”)

The video review will come after we spend some time with the HD versions! In case you are wondering why the site is filled with PINGAS…well…it happened during the podcast party for the Sonic. Seriously.

Hit the jump to find out what the crew gets up to in the latest episode:

0:00 – 0:29 –  PINGAS!

0:54 – 9:50 – What We Are Ashamed of…but still like Playing…

9:55 – 27:33 – SEGA NEWS: Shenmue, Sonic, and Captain America


33:55 – 39:53 – SEGA Community News & Sonic Sez Winner!

39:54 – 47:50 – GAME DEBATE OF DEATH – Game Length Discussion

47:58 – 49:51 – Miku Does Sonic Theme!

49:52 – 108:48 – SONIC 4 Pre-Party!


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