Yakuza Black Panther – Characters, Promos, and DLC

Meet the lovely Yurika

SEGA showed off some new (and old) characters and promos items from the upcoming Yakuza PSP title. Returning to the fold will be the Florist of  Sai who ships out information hidden in flowers.

The first new announcement is for a hostess named Yurika, Jewel’s number 1 hostess who has men tripping over here and will treat main character Tatsuya like the boy he is…she voiced by Chiaki Takahashi.

The second new character is the cunning Chiaki who is a reporter that has infiltrated the hostess scene in order to get the scoop on the Tojo Clan.  Voiced by Asami Imai.

Next we have the previously announced Shou Hyuga and is the main rival of Tatsuya in the Dragon Heat Tournament and his voiced by Takeshi Maeda.

A star of the Tournament, he uses pro-wrestling moves to grapple his opponents into submission.

Outside of the new character announcements, SEGA released a series of promo items including a battery of phone cards and Yakuza branded razor. You can use the razor to give yourself a similar haircut to that of the main character:

Many of the cards includes to unlock DLC clothing for the game or wallpapers for your PC and mobile phone.

Check out Andriasang.com for more informations about the phone cards: here.

[Source: Andriasang.com]

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