Possible ‘Indie’ Dreamcast game?

Another new indie game is on it’s way and is looking very impressive. For those who have played recent Indie dreamcast games they will be familiar with the company ‘Red Spot Games’ for games like ‘Rush Rally Racing’. The company have confirmed that they are releasing another title named ‘Solar Struggle’. (The platform has not been stated yet, though the dreamcast seems like a feasible option)

And to say the least it looks pretty fantastic, It has fully 3-D Graphics in the trailer unlike the other titles redspotgames have produced and it seems to be set in space. The trailer does not give much off about the game, though my guess would be that they are working on a SHMUP. Regardless of what I assume they have not confirmed any of this yet according to the comments on the Youtube video we should have information on the platform in a week.

For those wondering what the trailer is like hit the jump to view it:

[UPDATE]: On a re-upload of the trailer by ‘Xbox360FreaksDE’ it is stated that it is being released on the 360, this may or may not be a lie.

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