Answer X Answer Would Add to Localization Time of Yakuza 4

localize ansxans

We all already know that the hostesses are re-confirmed in the Yakuza 4 and that means slow-motion ping-pong will be available to North Americans.

What is undecided is whether or not Shogi and Mahjong will make the cut. But there is definitely one aspect of the Japanese game that won’t make it across the border – that this the Japanese History Trivia game: Answer X Answer.

Opting to try and translate all of the nuances of the trivia game would push back the date of the title beyond 2011. Siliconera’s Spencer writes:

“The problem with Answer x Ahnswer is there are 1,000 questions to localize and changing them goes beyond a text swap. The questions have characters are written on images making each one tough to edit. The arduous task of fixingAnswer x Answer would push the PlayStation 3 game past spring 2011, if Sega opted to localize it.”

I personally am not too bothered by the removal of Answer X Answer. I’m sitting on the fence when it comes to Shogi and Mahjong as I know a lot fans want it. Many still want to see DLC to see it returned to part 3 (as well as hostesses).

[Source: Siliconera]

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