Website Round Up: Ryo vs. Kazuma, Mega Drive Games, and Singles Ads…

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This isn’t a website round-up because we are out of time, we just wanted to celebrate the wide world of SEGA web on a beautiful day.

If you have a SEGA website, let us know…and we will try to get your link up sooner rather than later. We love community and understand how hard it is to get great content out there and seen (we are a small team too!).

The team and I at the SEGA bunker  are gearing up for a bunch of reviews  both new and retro. Footage has been captured layout and voice work are next.

What are you playing? I toyed around with the XBLA release of Rocket Knight and found it enjoyable despite not loving the art style. I also tried out the demo Zeno Clash…and it is like a terrible, terrible dream…in a good way. I also snuck some hours of Dead Space on the Wii and Xbox 360.

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I always wish I could do more Genesis coverage as it was the first system I bought myself and loved to bits. Good thing Ian from MEGA Drive Memories has that covered. Check out his site. Check out this post in which Ian has strung together some of his favorite game intros from the 16-bit era.

I’m sure SEGA fans mights have some others they would love to add.


Picture 2

Do see this chart? It is amazing…the team over The Saturn Junkyard took the time to dissect SEGA’s racing opus to SEGA – only to realize that the Saturn references fall way short. Check out the full article because it is very funny and gives some great suggestions for potential DLC.

Nagoshi Interview: Yakuza-Shenmue comparison and Violence in Yakuza:


In a recent interview with SPONG, Nagoshi spoke about the similarities between franchises such as Shenmue and Yakuza. The most interesting thing to me however is how Nagoshi conceptualizes the violence in Yakuza compared to GTA:

“I think the manner of expressing violence is different in each game. For example, Grand Theft Auto allows players to do anything they want, however players cannot resort to violence pre-emptively in Yakuza series. The manner of dealing with the violence in its game system makes a big difference in the meaning. In addition, the manner in its stories also makes a huge difference. I believe every violent game does not necessarily exert a bad influence.”

I like that train of thought…read the full interview: here.

List of FURY: Best Licensed Titles on Genesis:

Maximum Carnage did not make SEGA 16's list...but it would make mine!

I am currently playing a SEGA licensed title by the name of Iron Man 2. The crew at SEGA 16 has been looking at old SEGA licensed titles and created a list of their favorites. Get ready to don those red tinted glasses!

Check out RadioSEGA live!


This is more of a service announcement than anything else, if you haven’t checked these guys out yet – you should. Now.

SEGA’s Strangely Single Characters…


SEGA Neptune has compiled a list of the top three oddballs from the SEGA universe that just seem to stay single. It is a pretty funny piece of writing. Check it out!
Otamajakushi Released for the SEGA Saturn:
saturnpuzzlerSatakore is a great resource and helped me a lot when I started picking up import titles for the SEGA Saturn. They are a hardcore crew and they managed to make a standalone release of a Saturn puzzler that was present on a demo disc. The game is called Otamajakushi.

I’m not sure how to get this running but it probably requires a modded Saturn. Send “thanks you’s” to Madroms and visit the site: here.
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