Sonic Adventure 2 Chao Marathon OC ReMix


This is OverClocked remix is called Sonic Adventure 2 Chao Marathon OC ReMix [Chao Race Extended Mix].

It is a song that sounds like the sun is going to come out especially if you imagine all those Chaos running so around with cute ferocity…and from my current vantage point – where the weather is terrible – I hope the sun does come out soon.

Hit the jump for information about the song (and the song itself):

• Game: Sonic Adventure 2 (Sega, 2001, DC)
• ReMixer(s): LeeBro
• Composer(s): Atsushi Kosugi, Fumie Kumatani, Heigo Tani, Jun Senoue, Kenichi Tokoi, Tomoya Ohtani
• Song(s): ‘Chao Race Extended Mix (Chao’s Doki-Doki Banana Chips Run Mix)’
• Posted: 2002-07-14, evaluated by djpretzel

[Source: ocremix]

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