Website Story: Last Arcade Standing…Pacific Mall Playscape

Pacific Mall in Markham, Ontario

Yesterday might have been low on updates but it was because I was out on an adventure to the suburbs of Toronto to go check out one the last great arcades in the greater city area. I headed out to the largest Asian Mall in North America known as Pacific Mall.

Pacific Mall is strange Asian Mall that features questionable DVDs and game stores with no selection and high prices. It has an awesome arcade known as Playscape (previously known as Orbit). It is the only arcade that I know that has Asian style units with seats and significant SEGA and Atomiswave content.

Titles such as Initial D Version 4 Stage, Rumble Fish 2, House of the Dead III, and Ghost Squad were all in attendance. 

*Video posted on youtube by imageflow

I have finally played the arcade version of Ghost Squad with the kickback battle rifle and it was shockingly fun. Previously I had only played the Wii version and now I have a whole new respect for the game. I also gained insight and now I have context for approaching my review of the game.

I looked everywhere for a Sonic plushy but could not find one but I did have great Pho at local restaurant. If you are ever in the area, Pacific Mall and Playscape are worth a look – heck let us know and we can turn it into a SEGASHIRO party!

It is really too bad that the North American arcade is dead or dying – at least PSN and XBLA are making strides to make sure gamers are still getting that unique quarter munching gaming experience.

Here is the site info:

Playscape – Pacific Mall (4300 Steeles Avenue East, 2nd Floor, Toronto, Ontario – Canada)

HOURS : 11am to 1am

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  1. Playscape is awesome.

    Its one of the few arcades I’ve found with working save card readers for Initial D.

    If it only had Initial D with real cars [url][url]

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