Cancelled: Vectorman [PS2]


Sega’s rejected robot Vectorman was actually going to get his own game on the PS2! Sadly it was cancelled,  no reason has been given for this game being cancelled. There was an updated version of Altered Beast on PS2 and it seems as if this game was to be launched alongside with Altered Beast.  I presume it is just due to the lack of funding, and the fact that Altered Beast didn’t sell incredibly well.

The game does look like a fairly generic game for the PS2 and from the alpha footage you can see that it lacks any kind of innovative features (although the throwing feature looks quite cool) . It would still be nice to see the old man in a game again though. To watch the video please read the rest of this article:

It looks as if it has a similar kind of concept to Red Faction, in the respect that you can destroy objects and it looks realistic when you do so. It’s a pity it didn’t get released as I think it might have sold a decent amount of copies and would have been a decent game.

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