SEGA trademarks Zettai Zetsumei!! Kyouryu Jigoku (roughly tanslated: Desperation! Dinosaur Hell)


The crew at Siliconera unearthed a new SEGA of Japan trademark titled: Zettai Zetsumei!! Kyouryu Jigoku. This title roughly translates to Desperation! Dinosaur Hell. Now, I’m the type of guy who put hours of my life into the latest Turok title just because I liked stabbing dinosaurs in the face.

Am I excited, hell yeah! Think about it: Demons. Dinosaurs. Demon Dinosaurs. AWESOME.  The title reeks of pure pwn. Seriously the game design document writes itself:

Stage 1 – Stab a dinosaur in the face.

Stage 2 – Get transported to hell.

Stage 3 – Stab demon dinosaurs in the face.

Or, it is probably some sort of sequel to Primeval Hunt. SEGA’s Dinosaur Hunting game:

Definitely still has potential…because killing Dinosaurs is still cool.

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