PS0 Rappy Contest Draw!

Hey SEGA Fans! It’s a great time to be a SEGA fan after all the Project Needlemouse madness and now we’ve got an awesome Phantasy Star SWAG draw to celebrate gaming with other SEGA fans in Phantasy Star Zero for the DS.

All you have to do is email or use the contact page and us the correct answers to the following 3 Phantasy Star questions (easy – after the jump) by Feb. 10, 2010 and you will be entered in the draw and your name will be placed in the Knuckles hat!

Winners will be announced during the Week of Feb. 15-21.

Do not post the answers in the comments – those that do will be pulled out of the draw and the comment will be deleted. But please feel free to post your Phantasy Star Zero Friend Codes!

Questions: (If you need help answering the questions check out this website)

1. Name the 3 Races in Phantasy Star Zero!

2. In Phantasy Star Zero you fight a single horned dragon as a Boss. What is it’s Name?

3.  What is the name of the central HUB City in PS0?


1st place receives:

One Rare  SEGASHIRO T-shirt (L, M, S) + One Rare Phantasy Star Zero Rappy T-shirt (L) + 1 Inflatable Phantasy Star Zero Rappy

2nd Place recieves:

One Rare Phantasy Star Rappy T-shirt (Medium) + 1 Inflatable Rappy

3rd Place recieves:

One Rare Phantasy Star Zero Gashapon Figure (I don’t know who it is) + 1 Inflatable Rappy

Up to 7 runner-ups will get an inflatable PS0 Rappy! We want everyone to walk away with some swag!

Feel free to add your Phantasy Star Zero Friend in the comments below. Special thanks to DarkheartXIII from the SEGASHIRO forums for designing the awesome Rappy T-Shirt Contest Graphic!

13 thoughts on “PS0 Rappy Contest Draw!”

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  2. Hey Guys,

    I’m pretty busy most of the time…but I would totally like to play Phantasy Star Zero with fans of the site and of the game:

    Friend Code: 4812 7202 8440

  3. @ShadiWulf

    Have you tried blowing into your L button? The faulty L button on the DS is normally caused by the connections becoming dirty and not reading as well/at all. You can fix this by placing your lips around the L button, making a good solid seal with your mouth and blowing onto the button (it sounds gross, but I tried it and it worked great).

    Make sure you don’t drool all over your DS or shoot spittle in it.

  4. If a person wins first or second, would they be aloud to ask for the third-place prize instead? XD

    Also, just ’cause you asked Fob, here’s my friend code.


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