Confirmed? Banjo-Kazooie in Sonic & SEGA ALLSTARS Racing

157933-sonicsegaboxartbanjowtThis is the second time many SEGA fans have seen Banjo-Kazooie strewn strewn across the XBox 360 version of upcoming SEGA kart acer.

The latest news comes from TSSZ and despite Steve Lycett’s claims otherwise – it seems that the Xbox 360 image was found on SEGA of America’s site but the link provided by TSSZ appears to be broken.

All of the major blogs ran the article and Joystiq was quick to point out that if this proves to be true – it will be another check mark on that┬áleaked SCEA minute-meeting document that appeared in September – back when Yakuza 3 in North America was just a sparkle in SEGA’s eye.


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