Yakuza 5 Launches at $39.99, Pre-orders Get 15% Savings!

Yakuza 5 may not have an exact release date yet but SEGA is putting up the game for pre-order now on PS3. The game will launch at the nice price of $39.99 but if you pre-order you can get the game with a static theme for 15% off.

Futhermore, the Western edition of Yakuza 5 comes with all the post launch DLC included. Check out the developer interview in the previous post as it mentions Yakuza Zero (but completely skirts the issue).

Other than that, Nagoshi has recently made it public that he will be unveiling a new game at TGS.

[Source: SEGA/PSN]

Streets of Rage 4 HD Trailer

Alright…this isn’t new…it is in fact 2 years old but I finally got around to getting OpenBor to play Night Slashers X and I came across this little gem of a video which features the development work of a Zhang Qiang, Allan Cylakes, Huang Wentao and Xia Ji.

It was originally be built for the PC and PSP but the team has sort of disappeared and has gone underground to continue their work…if it still is be being built. The last set of news was this video posted above in 2013. We posted about this beauty way back in 2010 but this is the first I’ve seen it in a long time.

To be honest, this is much closer to what I would love to see for a new Streets of Rage than the other 3D interpretations that have surfaced. It reminds me a bit of the work that Udon did on the remake of Super Street Fighter HD remake which preserved the hitboxes of the original game.

There is a 2010 demo floating around I am going to boot it up.

[Source: Soronline]

3D Gunstar Heroes Trailer

I love me some Gunstar Heroes…when I pick up the 3DS version it will technically be the third console I own a version on. M2 really put a lot of love and work into making this 3D remaster. Check out the interview on the SEGA Blogs and you can also find part 2 of the interview.

The team at M2 had to break every level down and reconstruct to have the game achieve its awesome 3D effect. It features 1-2 player local support and a variety of Mega Modes.

Mega Life – Increases player’s life hit points by 2.

Mega Shot – After beating the game, this mode doubles the attack damage of guns.

Gunslinger Mode – This adds a weapon select on the fly like Alien Soldier.

The game is currently for sale on the Eshop for US$5.99. I still wish the the boxed edition of the 3D archives hit the West at some point.

[Source: SEGA]

Dreamcon Controller is a Wireless DC Pad for US$150


An Ebay Seller by the name of Chrisvcpp is offering modded Dreamcast controllers that allow for mostly wireless play. The controllers use bluetooth technology and can even emulate VMUs internally.

The products seem to ship out from Greece and the current price of roughly 96 Euros or approximately US$150. The product features: Continue reading Dreamcon Controller is a Wireless DC Pad for US$150

Alpha Protocol – Still Making Headlines!

Oh, I just had to supply a link to Kotaku who just posted again about the awesomeness of Alpha Protocol. Something we knew around these parts from Day 1.

Check out this quotation from writer Phil Owen:

“It has the most hilarious RPG protagonist ever. Alpha Protocol’s dialogue wheel is tone-based, and player character Mike Thorton has three tones: super dull and matter of fact, humongous impatient asshole and smarmy piece of shit. It’s incredible. You can play it like “this is just what Mike is like” by picking the same one every time or you can use the different tones as affected spy personas, but either way this system which at first comes off as limiting turns out to be far more fun than more robust or straightforward dialogue systems in other games.”

Check out our review here and our comments here and here.

[Source: Kotaku]

Phantasy Star Online 2 Headed to PS4 [Update]

SEGA of Japan has announced that its successful Free-to-Play RPG – Phantasy Star Online 2 will be starting service on the PS4 in Japan in 2016. Not only that but a playable build will available to test out at Tokyo Game Show 2015 on Sony’s console.

No word yet on any North American and/or European release but it will now be at least easily importable.

That said, with an “English” edition already out there and the servers accepting IP addresses from around the world – I can’t see why SEGA wouldn’t drop this onto the Western PSN servers. But perhaps they will follow recent history and not release the game in the West.

[UPDATE] According to Kotaku, A SEGA representative told them that the game was not coming to North America. SEGA stated: “SEGA is currently not planning to release the PS4 version of Phantasy Star Online 2 outside of Japan.”

SEGA also released news about the latest expansion “Reborn: Episode 4” will be released in 2016 as well.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer for the upcoming Phantasy Star Online 2 anime: Continue reading Phantasy Star Online 2 Headed to PS4 [Update]

Article Round Up: Classic Shenmue, 7th Dragon Trailer, and SEGA Hard Girls & Hyperdimension Neptunia


So much SEGA and so little time. Actually…writing that is kind nice even while SEGA itself has been sort of trickling out releases on the home console front while simultaneously rethinking their treatment of fans in the past 10 years and the quality of their content.

That said, I hope we transition to another golden age soon as the titles that are coming seem damn sweet (Yakuza 5, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, and Miku) and hopefully the projects that follow continue that trend.

Yet, while SEGA seemingly slumbers, fans have certainly been picking up the pace when it comes to supplying SEGA fans with content – whether that be through Genesis homebrew titles or mods or the strangeness that is Arcane kids Sonic Dreams Collection. SEGA fans routinely prove themselves creative. Here is the round-up: Continue reading Article Round Up: Classic Shenmue, 7th Dragon Trailer, and SEGA Hard Girls & Hyperdimension Neptunia

Streets of Rage Concept Art Surfaces from Yuzo Koshiro


Yuzo Koshiro has shared two pieces of concept art on his twitter account which can be added to the history of cancelled Dreamcast titles. Streets of Rage is continually one of those SEGA titles that manages to stay in the collective conscious of gamers despite not having an official sequel in ages (though those 3DS ports were very nice).

The Streets of Rage concept images are dated from September of 1999 and interestingly show off Burn (Axel’s son) and Erie (a female shinobi). The other two characters seem to build on the Adam/Skate legacy but looks more like a break dancer. The last character seems to take on the tank role sort of like Max. Continue reading Streets of Rage Concept Art Surfaces from Yuzo Koshiro