Yakuza 5 Developer Interview Part 1

You know, even when SEGA seems strangely dormant there are some seriously cool titles heading our way such as Tembo, Persona titles, Total War – I feel like Yakuza 5 stands tall among them.

I can’t wait to get the conclusion to the series and hopefully get Yakuza Zero. This is the first of three developer diaries.

Why doesn’t SEGA have its own internal localization team? Regardless – I am stoked I get to play this in English.

[Source: SEGA Blogs]

Custom Game Gear & Master System Mod Console is Awesome

I am envious. I would love to free my stack of Game Gear from the little smeary screen of the portable console. I’ve seen a few mods but this is the first time I’ve seen done on board a Master System.

The creator – Bishop Bro – is looking into doing a small production run down the line. I’m stoked.

I wonder if someone could hack up a Game Gear to Genesis adapter like the Super Game Boy.

[Source: Retrocollect]

Shenmue & Streets of Rage Remastered Vinyl Soundtracks are Sweet-looking!


I’ve just started my own modest collection of Vinyl records mostly to complete the discography of a tiny punk band (Enemy You) but if you like video game music – records provide a creamy and rich sound that is just charming.

So, when I saw that Data-Disc is offering pre-orders on the remastered soundtracks to Shenmue and Streets of Rage – I decided that I may need to convert my pennies into pence and import these vinyl soundtracks from the UK.

Each record can be pre-ordered for £19.99 (roughly $40) and feature: Continue reading Shenmue & Streets of Rage Remastered Vinyl Soundtracks are Sweet-looking!


These Mario and Sonic Olympic games always make me nostalgic for the Decathelete and Winter Heat titles on the ST-V. The games are just simple fun. This upcoming edition looks no different and the Ping Pong, Soccer, and Rugby mini games look like they may be winners.

Also, with SEGA not having a E3 and Sonic seeming to appear only Nintendo platforms – it won’t be long until children associate Sonic with the Big N.

[Source: Nintendo Youtube]

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Trailer

The little bit of buzz that I’ve picked up around the web is that most people didn’t like the last Sonic Boom titles but have rather enjoyed the show of spindly Sonic and friends. I figure I will get to playing them sometime soonish. Too many games, too little time…and well too many life responsibilities at the moment.

However, this holiday season, developer Sanzaru Games is taking a second crack at a 3DS Sonic game and will create a slide scrolling Sonic adventure with fire and ice abilities. The team is incorporating feedback from the last game to improve the experience and broaden the game world.

[Source: SEGA Blogs]

“Asuka 120% Limit Over” Gets Fan Translation on Saturn


Asuka 120% is an all girl fighter that is fast and and combo heavy. It had a lot of great mechanics that would later come to other fighting game series. It has languished in obscurity in the West due to the game never being localized (but then again we never even got the popular CPS2 titles). Continue reading “Asuka 120% Limit Over” Gets Fan Translation on Saturn

Shenmue 3 Kickstarter is Live

If you are a SEGA fan it is put up or shut up time. Let’s make this happen.

I’ve backed it and I wholeheartedly hope that we can push this game to get a boxed PS4 release. Let’s give SEGA a reason to listen to their classic fans with true earnest.

Also…Last Guardian & Shenmue 3, SFV, and Yakuza 5, yup…PS4 wins E3.

[Update] It is funded. Shenmue lives. Keep it going! We want it the best it can be.

[Source: Kickstarter E3]

90s Arcade Racer – 60 Frames Per Second Gameplay

The SEGA Arcade inspired racer from Pelikan13 and Nicalis just released a 720p and 60 FPS trailer that looks amazing!The music is vintage and classic and the mini-game looks like faster Buster Bros!

The game is heading out to PC and Wii-U first and going mobile next. However, the team hasn’t ruled out bringing the game to Xbox One and PS4 – this quotation was ripped from a kickstarter update:

“[G]iven the prevalence of Unity 3D on PlayStation 4, PS Vita and Xbox One, you can be sure we’re trying to find a way to get the game on those platforms as well. However, we’d like to get the game out for backers on PC and players on Wii U first–you’ve been patiently waiting and we do want to give you the ride of your life.”

I’m stoked. I can’t wait to pick this one up.

[Source: Kickstarter via Siliconera]