SEGA is bringing another Japanese title to the West in the crazy anime brawler entitled Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax. The game will be available digitally on PSN this Summer for PS3 and Vita. No word on price yet.

Between this a Yakuza 5 – SEGA is looking to really stress my PS3 hard drive. Better digital than not at all, I say! Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax is developed by French Bread and Ecole. Good stuff! I may still import a copy from Japan, though.

Anyone else thinking that SEGA needs their own online distribution service? I would love digital box that game me access to all SEGA’s arcade titles.

[Source: SEGA]

HuCast Games Brings Pixel Adventure – “Alice’s Mom’s Rescue” to the Dreamcast

Alice’s Mom’s Rescue – Indie 2D platformer from Orion_ on Vimeo.

The Dreamcast is getting another new game (hooray!) and this time it isn’t a shooter or puzzle style game but rather a pixel platformer.

Developed by Orionsoft the game will be available on Dreamcast, PC, or Andriod in March. The limited “home” or “boxed” release on the Dreamcast costs €24.95 while a limited edition (300 units) with a soundtrack costs €42.95. The PC version for download costs €3.

In Alice’s Mom’s Rescue you will try to save the character’s mother after she has been nabbed by a massive raven. The game features three worlds and 25 levels.

[Source: HuCast Games]

Mega Drive Getting a Homebrew STG in 2015 entitled Antarex


I don’t know how I missed (probably working too much) but homebrew developers 1985 Alternativo ported an 1984 Amstrad game called “Oh Mummy” to the Mega Drive while giving it a shiny new coat of 16-bit paint.

The developers are now busy crafting an new STG title called Antarex…and sign me up because it looks awesome. Check out the trailer after the jump: Continue reading Mega Drive Getting a Homebrew STG in 2015 entitled Antarex

PSN Japan gets Space Harrier II Collection, Treasure Box Collection, SEGA Memorial Selection and More!

This is nifty…during the PS2 era SGEA released a whole bunch of collections that were solid. This includes the Treasure BOX collection which features Alien Soldier, GUnstar Heroes, and Dynamite Headdy in all multiple region format. They also got M2 to create a sweet version of Galaxy Force II with all sorts of options including a widescreen mode.

A variety of “trailers” can be found on SEGA’s Youtube page: here.

SEGA is bringing all of these titles to the Playstation Archive. The current price is 823 yen or roughly US$6 or CAD$8. Not a bad deal at all for digital copies. Fire up your Japanese PSN account on your PS3 and check them out.

[Source: SEGA]

Wonderland Wars is a SEGA Arcade MOBA

I love the art style. There are already Western fans screaming at SEGA to bring this to PC or a console for MOBA players over here. If I am observing the trailer correctly it looks like there is some kind of “wand/stylus/fountain pen” touchscreen and card/team system at play. It looks interesting.

Check out the wand action after the jump: Continue reading Wonderland Wars is a SEGA Arcade MOBA

Drift Stage Brings Outrun-Style cornering and an 80s Vibe to PC

SEGA certainly is getting a lot of love from fans these days…’90s racer is a spiritual racing by Nicalis is coming to the Wii in February and we may also get Drift Stage on consoles down the line.

Currently the arcade inspired racer is currently heading is PC and Mac. Drift Stage hopes the bring the racing spirit of th80s and 90s on tracks ranging from city streets to coastal beaches.

According to the developer website, “[t]he game comes fully loaded with single-player modes including a character oriented career mode, circuit races, and leaderboard chasing time trials. Local split-screen and online multi-player races will also be in full swing.”

For some reason this game makes me crave Outrunners.

[Source: Drift Stage]

WTF?! TravelShooting JP on iOS is a Space Harrier Clone

Oh, SEGA…why isn’t Planet Harriers and a stack of your other Arcade titles available on consoles? I would pay a nice sum for access to your amazing arcade titles on disc or download (preferably on disc because I shudder to think about the day when Xbox 360 live is disconnected).

Essentially you should have a team dedicated to treating all your arcade hits like After Burner Climax. Why? Because if you don’t your fans will have to start picking up the slack…oh wait, they already are!

Takuji Fukumoto’s new iOS game is entitled TravelShooting JP is Space Harrier but without the rocket or the main character. TravelShooting JP instead features a guitar-toting, high school girl. The game will get updates over time but right now the levels feature dragons and blue skies.

The game is currently free for on Apple App Store.

[Source: Siliconera]