Phantasy Star II, Sonic & Knuckles Available On Xbox One


Hey everyone!

I know you don’t hear from us much now, but have an update! Joining other SEGA gems from the Xbox 360 available to play on the Xbox One such as Jet Set Radio, most of the Sonic Mega Drive-era games and the Sega Vintage series, we now have Phantasy Star II and Sonic & Knuckles (finishing out that list of Mega Drive-era Sonic games available on 360).

The tweet by Major Nelson announcing this is here. I happened to stumble across them in my installable games section and thought it was Christmas.

Wow. SEGA is bringing a 7th Dragon title to the West

SEGA has been impressing me of late which they haven’t really done since the heyday of the Xbox 360 era (Outrun, Daytona, SEGA Rally, Vanquish, VF5, Bayonetta, etc) but that is because they are finally bringing some of the quirky Japanese titles over such as Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax and Project Diva.

Following in this que of Japanese titles, we can know include 7th Dragon III. It is not the first game in the series but it is a completely self-contained story. The games looks like it will have extensive classes, turn based action, and dating. Continue reading Wow. SEGA is bringing a 7th Dragon title to the West

SEGA Offers SEGA 3DS Classics and Valkyria Chronicles PS4 Pre-Order Bonuses


So, recently I’ve been trying to pre-order less games. Why? Well, the little one needs diapers and they are damn expensive. But aside from that, the quality of recent launch games has been rather suspect. Some of them launching in a state that isn’t much different than the stuff that fills those aforementioned huggies.

That said, SEGA is probably the one company that I’ve made a exclusion for as the pre-order bonuses are fun. Valkyria Chronicles on PS4 is a getting a nice steel case which will look nice on the shelf. Continue reading SEGA Offers SEGA 3DS Classics and Valkyria Chronicles PS4 Pre-Order Bonuses

Tell SEGA Your Thoughts in the SEGA Survey!


Calling all SEGA fans – help SEGA regain its former glory! The company reached out via Twitter asking fans to help steer the company in the right direction.

Let them know your favourite SEGA classic titles and franchises and give them your thoughts. I’ve already filled it out and it felt good to give some honest feedback. My mantra was arcade legacy (model 2/3 HD ports, SEGA blue skies and great graphics, and classic gameplay with depth (including 2D graphics and gameplay).

Check out the survey: here. Give’m the old SEGA scream.

Website Story: Life With Baby Edition!

[This image which rings true comes from Incidental Comics! – where I may buy a couple of posters for my classroom after I get out of Diaper Debt :)]

Ah yes, SEGASHIRO has been quiet on the front end of the site for a brief while but rest assured that stuff is always happening behind the scenes. I always want to be posting here and updating.

Last year (2015) was a particularly life changing year for me starting with my mother passing away (thank you Mom for all your love and support), getting married (thank you to my beautiful wife and her understanding nature revolving around my retro video game collection), and the birth of my new son (thank you little guy for just being you and cooing at me). Have I been busy? Heck yeah – let’s not even bring up work.

However, there have been many interesting happenings that I’m keen to discuss and/or bring to the attention of others. Time is short and the baby is napping…so shotgun is the only way to do this…hit the jump: Continue reading Website Story: Life With Baby Edition!

Sega Sonic Popcorn Shop & Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car are Preserved on Mame!

Sonic was the star of a few kid-friendly arcade and vending titles that really never saw light in the West. These games were very rare and released in the early 90s. It is nice to see them preserved for posterity, I salute you MAME dumping groups!

That, and these Sonic games are batshit hilarious. I love Sonic’s Japanese voice in Waku Waku Patrol Car – it has such authority.

In SegaSonic Popcorn Shop (video after the jump) which I believe would actually produce a bag of popcorn for you to eat had the main cast animated in such a way that it makes me chuckle. Sort of like they are doing a “Benny Hill” style skit. Continue reading Sega Sonic Popcorn Shop & Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car are Preserved on Mame!

Valkyria: Azure Revolution Trademarked by SEGA Games


SEGA is once again toying with the heart strings of gamers everywhere by trademarking another entry in the Valkyria Chronicles series. The trademark title is “Valkyria: Azure Revolution” and currently there is only speculation as to what this game will be when it is revealed.

Folks around the internet have been quick to point out that the trademark isn’t by SEGA Networks (typically mobile) but rather by SEGA Games (typically console) giving hope that this title won’t be a mobile card battler but rather a true console release. However, this is flimsy evidence at best and I guess we all just need to wait and see.

Otherwise, it is good to see the Valkyria Chronicles IP is still active at SEGA and that the PC port of part 1 did well on its release. Hopefully, SEGA will eventually bring Valkyria Chronicles 3 out in english in some form.

[Source: Gematsu]

90s Arcade Racer Gameplay Trailer 3

90s Arcade Racer is shaping up nicely and it definitely channels a Daytona USA and SCUD Racer vibe (which means success).

The game is currently in development for the Wii and PC (though I hope other consoles aren’t left out) and I hope it gets force feedback support as I want to play this thing in a racing seat with a good steering wheel.

According to the developer, Pelkian13 – the game is nearly complete: Continue reading 90s Arcade Racer Gameplay Trailer 3

The Take Over Channels Streets of Rage on Steam!


I love me some Streets of Rage. I finally got around to picking up the 3D version on Part 2 on the 3DS and I was blown away by how awesome it looked and felt.

The Take Over is a game in development by Pelkin13 (The same creator behind the awesome looking 90s Racer) and is a homage to the game play style of Final Fight, Streets of Rage, and the classic beat’em ups of yore.

A few have taken to saying the game looks a little too much like Streets of Rage but Pelikan13 posted the image above to show that there has always been a artistic lineage in the design of main characters in brawlers.

Check out the teaser trailer after the jump and head over to Steam to Greenlight this project! Continue reading The Take Over Channels Streets of Rage on Steam!