Support the Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam 2015!


The fine folks over at SEGABits are trying to create the first North American SEGA fan convention. The idea is to celebrate past and present SEGA titles with glee.

The team is looking to raise $7000 dollars to afford the rental space, food, and gaming goodness for the attendees. The fan convention will take place at The Guild Hall Arena & Forge in Savannah, Georgia.

Events include Special Guests, cosplay activities, fan films, and contests! The team is currently raising money on Donations start as little as $1. Check it out: here.

Damn fine stuff from the great team over at SEGABits!

[Source: SEGABits]

Stella Glow Anime Trailer

Stella Glow looks like it will be a turn based, grid movement SRPG featuring SD characters. It looks like it could be fun if it ever comes to the West.

If I wanted to be hyper critical I would say that it has a generic main lead character and a random assortment of scantily clad lolicons – one of which has a box over her head. Marvelous.

But let’s pretend it isn’t super late at night where negativity roams and say that I hope that this Imageepoch title does find some way to creep over the border. Hell, if a game called Bravely Default can why can’t Stella Glow?

[Source: SEGA of Japan]

New 3DS Gets a SEGA themes in Japan!

I don’t know about you but my 3DS and now “NEW 3DS” is essentially some kind of off-brand SEGA player for all of the M2 3D titles. You know what would go real nice with those games…SEGA themes!

Up above is the Dreamcast theme which features authentic sounds and VMU bleeps. The music has been lifted from the Japanese Dream Passport. It is sexy stuff and each theme cost 200 yen and yes the Saturn theme is awesome.

Hit the jump to check out the other SEGA themes. Continue reading New 3DS Gets a SEGA themes in Japan!