Super Sonic Mode in 3DS Classic Version of Sonic 2


In Japan, the 3D Classic version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 has an unlockable Super Sonic mode that becomes available after you beat the game. Once the mode is selected, Sonic starts the game with all the Chaos Emeralds and has 50 rings so you can go super at any time.

The game is set to release in September. Streets of Rage 2 is out now and 3D Gunstar Heroes is out in August. Each game sells on the 3DS Eshop for US$5.99. Currently SEGA has no plans to continue the classic series after these titles (but they should and release a boxed retail edition).

[Source: Siliconera]

Spark the Electric Jester 2015 Trailer & Kickstarter!

Felipe Daneluz aka LakeFeperd is the main developer behind a series of of Sonic fan games such as Sonic Before the Sequel, After the Sequel, and Chrono Adventure. Now he and his team are looking to get support in crafting their first ever commercial title in Spark the Electric Jester.

If you check out the trailer above – you can see that the game play pulls off the 16-bit feel wonderfully. The Kickstarter describes the game as “an action/platformer video game heavily based on classics from the 16-bit era, such as Mega Man X, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Kirby Super Star.”

But don’t let that be your only source. The Kickstarter also has a playable three level demo available. The kickstarter is only asking for a total of $7000 with PC digital copies being offered as an incentive at $10. The fundraising has 26 days to go and has already achieved over 60% of its funding to date.

[Source: Kickstarter]

Tro-Now is A New Homebrew Genesis Title from Pocket Lucho

Pocket Lucho is part of the Spanish development team that is creating the stunning looking Antarex for the Mega Drive/Genesis and previously crafted the homebrew title Oh Mummy.

During a recent coding competition known as the Bit Bit Jam – Pocket Lucho showed of a title called Tro-Now that takes inspiration from the classic film Tron.

The game even features SEGA CD support with the Tron Legacy soundtrack. It also features a 4-player survival mode. You can download the ROM for the game at BITBITJAM 2015.

According to Pocket Lucho’s Youtube page, he suggests that the final game will have a lot more features and get a physical release.

[Source: BitBitJam]

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SEGA and Gearbox break up

One of the strangest interviews that I’ve ever read is currently over at and yes it is about Alien CM and Gearbox. To be honest, I can’t tell if Randy Pitchford is being honest or just obfuscating the issues. Either way – one clear point in the interview is that SEGA and Gearbox won’t ever work together again. Thank goodness for that! Continue reading Around the Web: Randy Interviews, Miku Dancing All Night, Odin Sphere, Mega Drive Plushies, and PlayAsia Sales

Game Gear MSX Cartridge Adapter!

The MSX is a hard system to get a handle on if you are an import/retro fan outside of Japan. It is filled with Konami and Hudson titles. There are some classics like Aleste, Metal Gear, and Puyo Puyo that got their start on the MSX.

I know there was a once cheap and now expensive Konami Saturn collection but to natively play the games required a lot of discerning between the 4 different hardware types across different manufacturers (MSX, MSX2, MSX2+, MSX TurboR).

There were some similarities between the MSX and SG-1000 and while not compatible, porting games between the two were easy. It seems like this cartridge adapter perhaps adding the missing components to natively play the cartridges on the Game Gear. It is a cool device made by the team who is creating the Game Gear LCD fix. Continue reading Game Gear MSX Cartridge Adapter!

The Neo Station


Yes, we are still a SEGA site but the NEO GEO CD system is another black box of 2D joy. The idea behind the NEO Station is to give the internet some high quality videos of NEO GEO CD games running at regular speed so fans can figure out if the extra money for an AES version or MVS version is worth it to them personally (that said some NEO GEO CD games are brutally priced).

Truth be told I’ve gone full circle in terms of the NEO GEO hardware and I have an AES, MVS, and CD system. I even have that emulated SNK system NEO GEO GOLD. The AES pretty much languishes on its own because the games are too damn expensive. The MVS spends the majority of its time in an actual arcade cabinet so I only play it rarely but when I do it is beautiful.

The NEO GEO CD? Well, it gets pulled out every time I want quick game of Baseball Stars 2, Bust-A-Move, or a NEO SHMUP. It is slow compared to the other two systems but for me it can often get the job done. Heck, it beats the pants off the NEO GEO GOLD system.