NOT-A-SEGA: Sunset Overdrive Bringing a Dreamcast-era vibe to Xbox One

I spotted this over on What was interesting to me is that the game is specifically bringing a SEGA blue skies, Dreamcast mentality to a modern console.

It is cool to see developers acknowledging SEGA’s unique style and now I know why this game immediately appealed to me from Day 1.

[Source: Gametrailers]

Watch Akira’s and Selevaria’s Move Sets in Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax

It is nice to see some clean footage of the game. Both Akira and Selvaria are playable characters in the PS3 and Vita version of this anime fighting game. Alicia and Pai are also in the game as support characters. The 2D art looks fantastic.

This is really makes me pine for a full 2D SEGA fighting game. Imagine Shinobi’s Joe vs. Kage or Ryo vs. Akira. Or even Streets of Rage’s Axel vs. Kazuma – could be awesome stuff!

However, for now, we should just revel in the few SEGA characters in Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax. Check out Akira’s moveset after the jump: Continue reading

Hi sCoool! SeHa Girl – Opening Theme

Alright – since the last post, I actually sat down and watched the first episode (currently the only one available on Crunchyroll) and it is kinda cute.

My favourite part is that random SEGA fanservice from sounds (like the Japanese Saturn start-up) to rare artifacts (like the AIWA Mega CD).

It also features neat little factsheet moments about the games. I enjoyed the little episode – in fact it really got me missing SEGA hardware. Attached above is the opening theme song. Lots of SEGA love in it.

WTF?! Hi-sCoool! Seha Girls – A Sega-focused Anime?


I just spotted this on Destructoid…and I had to share it! The three main characters are modelled after the Mega Drive, Saturn, and Dreamcast! Heck, even the SEGA Mark III is in there. Lots of SEGA references in this anime.

Also, it is currently streaming on CrunchyRoll! Time for me to put that subscription I have into use.

Is it just me or is the title referencing the Hitachi / Skeleton edition of the SEGA Saturn?

[Source: Destructoid]

Bayonetta 2 Demo Gameplay

With the meager number of Wii-U units out there – I decided to capture some gameplay of the demo to share with SEGA fans. I’ve played through the demo three times. On my second run I got a Gold award but not a Platinum…the capture for that run got ruined.

I definitely suggest using a Pro Controller. I also absolutely loved every second of this game so far. I own a bunch of games on Wii-U but this is the one I’ve truly been waiting to play. I love the SEGA references scattered throughout from the Sonic rings to the After Burner jets.

The gameplay is so frenetic that I am sure I missed other details. So stoked!