Bayonetta on Xbox One is not the way to play this game

After playing around 30 minutes of Bayonetta via backwards compatibility, I’m afraid to say it’s definitely not a good experience. The game frequently dropped to around 15fps, sometimes lower. The game remains playable (sort of) as the in-game action actually slows down when the frame rate drops too low rather than skipping loads of frames, but it is absolutely awful to play.

If you need your Bayonetta fix, stick to the Xbox 360 and Wii U versions of this classic.

Yakuza Zero will Bring the 80s Home on January 24


I often walk into Ebgames (Game Stop) here in Canada and just randomly ask them to check on their computers as to when the next Yakuza game is coming out. I do this despite the fact that I get the press releases sent right to my inbox.

Why? I want them to order more than one freaking boxed copy of the game! Anyway, SEGA has finally announced that Yakuza Zero will be headed exclusively to the PS4 as boxed and digital release for early 2017 (January 24 to be exact) in the West and this includes Europe.

According to the PSN Blogs, localization producer Scott Strichart stated that: Continue reading Yakuza Zero will Bring the 80s Home on January 24

WTF?! Shadow the Hedgehog has a Potty Mouth! (Presumably)

I spotted this on Eurogamer this morning and it gave me quite a chuckle.

A concerned parent has claimed that the angst riddled Shadow is yelling the “C-word” in Sonic and Mario at Rio Olympics game which in turn influenced his daughter to repeat the filthy word around the house. Shadow girl should sing a song about this, I think.

The father from Barnstaple, North Devon claims (as stated to the tabloid the Mirror):

“During the football section of the game, there is a specific character called ‘Shadow’ that every time a shot is blocked, saved or even tackled he would shout the word ‘c***'”

Priceless. The kids – they grow up so quickly. Continue reading WTF?! Shadow the Hedgehog has a Potty Mouth! (Presumably)

Sonic Mania has “Saturn-esque retro 2D” Graphics!

sonicmaniathumb (1)

The Taxman himself has gone on record calling the graphics of Sonic Mania “Saturn-esque retro 2D” over on NeoGAF. I couldn’t be happier because I will no longer need to think what would have a really great Saturn Sonic title looked like…because his team is making it.

The team is using this style so they can focus on crafting quality levels. They will be adding CRT filters as well. Good stuff! I captured the NeoGAF forum post after the jump: Continue reading Sonic Mania has “Saturn-esque retro 2D” Graphics!

What Could Make An Elite Console Poker Game?


While it’s still primarily a game that’s played in casinos, on kitchen tables, and on the web, poker has been the subject of several attempted arcade and console games over the years. Sega has had a few different attempts (including Solitaire Poker for Sega Game Gear, which you can still play on the internet), and last year we even saw a title released specifically for the PS4 in an attempt to redefine the concept. Pure Hold’em was a bold effort, though the reviews were mediocre. Now, we’re seeing some focus on the development of a poker game for virtual reality headsets, which is another thing entirely. But the question here is simple: if Pure Hold’em couldn’t do it, what would make an elite console poker game?

There’s not a definite way to answer this question, but to get an idea let’s take a look at what’s worked in the past.
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