So Why Doesn’t ATLUS localize SEGA titles?


Atlus knows how to take niche games and bring them over to the West. They furnish cult followings – release limited runs with quality bonuses such as soundtracks – and they are often praised for their localizations. Atlus fans know to pre-order and buy right away.

So how come SEGA doesn’t hand off titles like Yakuza 5 and Valkyria Chronicles III to the Atlus crew to work their magic? I recently posed the question, did a little emailing, and found out that despite SEGA-SAMMY purchasing Index (Atlus) – they both work autonomously from each other. No real crossover.

This may be a blessing if you consider how much venom SEGA gets for its recent trend to forgo the West. For better or worse, Atlus is left to do its own thing.

I purchased most of the Yakuza titles Day 1. I wanted to vote with my dollars. Yakuza 3 is one of my favorite titles from the PS3 era up there with only SEGA’s Valkyria Chronicles. I dig the Japanese voice-acting and subtitles. I would buy it with an Atlus branding.

I would pay good money for boutique editions of the game with the soundtrack and I dunno – chopsticks. I would kickstart a localization. I would begrudgingly take a digital only release as a last resot. Maybe SEGA is listening? I look upon this EGM rumour excerpt and hope Sony, SEGA, and Atlus can make some magic at TGS: Continue reading

Yakuza Zero Announced, More Info Incoming from Sony at TGS


SEGA has announced Ryu Ga Gotoku Zero as the teaser website revealed the logo you see up above. Sony will be showcasing the game at TGS and that is about all we know right now.

Yakuza Zero will also be a cross generational title again like Ishin – meaning PS3 and PS4 releases.

I still want Yakuza 5 and Ishin and I definitely want this one as well and localized Sony has been pretty good at knowing what their want. We should all write Adam Boyes! I guess we will learn more at Tokyo Games Show.
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Hatsune Miku Project DIVA F 2nd Amazon Pre-Order Bonus

SEGA is bringing over Project Diva 2nd and is packing along with it some of that crappy retailer specific dlc. Now, it’ll probably end up for sale eventually anyway but Amazon pre-orders are getting access to “two free live songs that were featured in the previous game, Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F. These live versions are actual true reproductions of the performances at Magical Mirai, the live concert event that happened in Tokyo on August 30, 2013. The DLC is viewed through AR Live mode on the PlayStation VITA, or Live Studio mode on PlayStation 3.”

Interesting. On a cooler note, the game will support 3DTVs so prepare to bust out the glasses if so equipped. Having the chance to play Sniper Elite 3 and Trine 2 on PS4 in 3D, I am sold on stereoscopic games all over again.

[Source: SEGA Blogs]

Bayonetta: Bloody Fate Blu Ray Trailer

The anime series is coming to blu-ray and DVD on October 21 and it comes via the crew who brought Afro Samurai brings to life.

It looks alright. I like how Bayonetta sounds. I will probably pick this up and watch it eventually. Oh, and SEGA of Japan is unleashing a gigantic Bayonetta soundtrack as well. The pre-order album contains five discs with 150 tracks used in the game. It is also coming in October (cross-promotions abound!) and will retail for roughly $50 bucks.

[Source: Nintendolife]

New Yakuza’s Auditions Are Different…


I am beginning to Nagoshi’s plan. Each newly announced Yakuza title is a chance to either meet good-looking women or to just further his daily amusement. Notice that neither involves bringing Yakuza out West.

BRING YAKUZA WEST! Sorry…back to the article, apparently the folks at Yakuza are holding auditions and some of the hopefuls are sharing their unique talents. The picture above is of a comedian named Habu who is very flexible. This is in lead up to a new Yakuza game announcement for the 24th. Check out the teaser site. It is very red.

If they are getting comedians they should get Arino and feature Game Center CX as TV show you can watch in the game. That would be awesome. The full Japanese audition video after the jump: Continue reading