3D Fantasy Zone II Trailer

I am picking this up tonight! I was a bit confused at first as I thought Fantasy Zone had already been released. It was only after I noticed that 2 that I rushed over to the SEGA Blogs to read the recent interview on this System 16 classic.

This remaster features upgraded visuals and a whole slew of extra content. According to the SEGA blogs, this “version upgrades all visuals from 8 bit to 16 bit graphic standards and combines stereoscopic 3D effects with a host of additional features…includ[ing] the ability to save games for later review, a Stage Select feature that allows players to save and resume progress mid-game, and adjustable difficulty settings…[the] game allows the player to experience two games in one, the re-mastered master system version of story mode “Tears of Opa Opa” and an all new Endless Game Mode that takes place in the mysterious ‘Link Loop Land.'”

Check out the interviews with M2: here

[Source: SEGA]

Radaxian Rumble is a fresh Alex Kidd Hack


SEGA’s lesser known, once mascot has had a few appearances in modern SEGA games but it has been a long time since he has had a starring role.

Master System fans have remedied this by crafting a hack that gives the fans a variety of improvements to the original title including touching up the graphics. Other major updates include: Continue reading Radaxian Rumble is a fresh Alex Kidd Hack

Unreleased Puzzler Game Gear Wildsnake ROM Released and Preserved Online


Wildsnake is an unreleased title for the Game Gear that was uncovered in March of 2015 when it was purchased in a game lot by a retro enthusiast who goes by the handle of Dyer60.

What is Wildsnake? It is falling block (in this case snake) puzzler that is similar to Tetris where matching snakes clears the tiles spaces. The difference is that unlike Tetris you can contort your snake to whatever shape you need to eliminate gaps.

It is sort of like tetris combined with snake cannibalism. Continue reading Unreleased Puzzler Game Gear Wildsnake ROM Released and Preserved Online

SEGA 3D Classics Return with Gunstar Heroes, Streets of Rage 2, & Sonic 2


One of the best reasons to own a 3DS is the awesome Mega Drive/Genesis and Arcade ports that have been coming to handheld with stunning 3D and ultra smooth framerates.

The next set of titles has been announced for the Summer and Sonic 2, Streets of Rage 2, and Gunstar Heroes are all heading to the Nintendo Eshop. For the record my copy of Gunstar Heroes is sitting in my Genesis on my desk right now. SO GOOD. Double dip? Yes, sir!

The list of requests is cueing up on the SEGA Blogs – and I want more arcade titles like Golden Axe Revenge of Death Adder, Outrunners, and Power Drift. I also wouldn’t mind some Model 2 stuff. The release date list looks like this:

1. 3D Fantasy Zone II – April 16, 2015
2. 3D Thunder Blade – May 14, 2015
3. Streets of Rage 2 – July 2015
4. Gunstar Heroes – August 2015
5. Sonic 2 – September 2015

All the games will retail individually for a MSRP $5.99/€4.99/£4.49 and will be available for download in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS.

[Source: SEGA]

Sonic Xtreme Code “Playable” on Saturn


Sonic Xtreme was an ambitious yet failed project at SEGA’s Technical Institute. The game was dropped during development due to a lack of quality (I can think of a few other Sonic titles that could have used the same quality control) but now the video game preservation community has got an early slice of the fish lense variation of the code playable on the SEGA Saturn.

For those interested it isn’t really a playable game and the code is not optimized. It is a cool window into the past and a lesson in game development. It is incredible that fans have got this code running on the Saturn. Check out the video after the jump: Continue reading Sonic Xtreme Code “Playable” on Saturn

Dreamcast Emulation on Raspberry Pi 2

raspberry dc

For a $35 dollar computer the 1GB RAM, 900 MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 of Raspberry Pi 2 is able to run a source code version of the Dreamcast emulator Reicast. The code is early alpha but the potential for the emulator to improve is there in future updates. However, no emulation will ever be enough for me to put away my Dreamcast!

If you take a gander at the video (after the jump) of DC version of Soul Caliber running on the Raspberry Pi 2…is almost enough to make one flip one’s GD-Rom. Continue reading Dreamcast Emulation on Raspberry Pi 2

New Mega Drive Homebrew: Doroppu!

Indie Developer Repixel8 is planning a series of homebrew titles for the Genesis and Mega Drive. The first game is tile matching puzzler entitled Doroppu.

“Doroppu is a brand new indie homebrew game for the Sega Genesis / Megadrive. It is a tile matching game with influences taken from Puyo Puyo and Puzzle Bobble to create a unique new experience. Doroppu can be played by 1 player, or 2 players in split screen vs mode.”

Sounds good to me though I do want to call the game “Drop You!” instead of “Doroppu.” The game features 1 Megabit POWER!

Currently Doroppu has a ROM release and there will a limited cartridge run in the future. You can grab the title: here.

Cheers to all developers still supporting SEGA consoles.

[Source: Repixel8]

Chicken Bone Sonic is Art that Marries the Grotesque with D.I.Y Sensibilities

Damn, I love chicken – spicy, savory, yum! I could have totally eaten enough chicken to make a skeleton for Sonic.

I can be hired for my chicken eating services if you need enough bones to craft your own skeleton Sonic. I can ship you the bones via priority mail and you can craft your own creepy voodoo Sonic that you can dance with and chant.

When practicing your voodoo please curse or charm Sonic Team so they can build a game that is like more like the Mega Drive classics and Sonic Generations and less like the Wii-U titles. All joking aside…the statue is creepy but looks pretty damn cool and the art/craft element is stunning.

The end product kinda looks like this awesome t-shirt design that I totally own.

Arise chicken, arise!

Dragon Force II English Translation Released!

This should be near and dear to a lot of Saturn fans – Dragon Force is a fan favourite but the trilogy only saw one English release. The PS2 saw a update of the first title on the SEGA AGES label but it never left Japan. Fans have set forth to make things right and now Dragon Force II is playable in English.

The story picks up a mere 500 years after the original game and focuses on several monarchs who unite to battle a looming evil. The game is filled with tactical, large scale battles. Check out all those sprites!

Now the SEGA Saturn does have CD copy protection so you will need to mod up your unit to play a CDR. For everything else check out Verve Fanworks for the instructions, limitations, and details behind the patching process. To the team that made this happen – I give them a meaningful nod and deep resounding “Thank You.”

Once again SEGA fans prove they can do what SEGA won’t.

[Source: RetroCollect]